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"The 45th Adachi Fireworks" About general sales of paid seats

  • June 2, 2023
  • 2023年6月26日

From Saturday 24 June 2023, we will sell paid seat tickets for "The 45th Adachi Fireworks".

Tickets can be purchased at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide or Ticket Pia's website.

Thank you very much.


Ticket Pia website

Sales period
From 10:00 am on Saturday 24 June 2023 to 11:59 pm on Friday 21 July 2023
※ The sale will be ended when they are sold out.

Paid seat list


Seat type


Number of sales


Senju side

single center area

(slope, for one person)

blue sheet

1,452 lots

5,000 yen

single side seat

(in the ground, for one person)

folding chair

1,080 seats

¥ 3,500

Nishiarai side

pair area

(Stepped bank, for 2 people)

blue sheet

506 sets

¥ 7,000

triple area

(Stepped bank, for 3 people)

341 sets

¥ 10,500

4 seater table

(In the ground, for 4 people)

1 table +

4 chairs

130 sets

\ 18,000​ ​

◆ Notes when purchasing paid seat tickets
1. Regarding the cost, a separate fee will be charged in addition to the amount shown in the table. If the fireworks are cancelled, we will refund you.
2. The position of seats, lots and areas cannot be selected by the purchaser.
3. The position of seats, lots and areas are not announced in advance. Please check your ticket.
4 乳幼児(ひとりで歩くことができない子)は保護者膝上に限り、保護者1名につき1名まで無料です。
5. You may be asked to leave if you disturb other customers by sitting in an aisle or other than your assigned seat or standing and watching.
6 営利を目的とした有料席券の転売行為は認めておりません。

For each paid seating chart, please download from the following links.
Senju side: "Adachi Fireworks" single center area SC-A to SC-I rows
Senju side: "Adachi Fireworks" single center area SC-J to SC-R row
Senju side: "Adachi Fireworks" Single-side seats SS-A to SS-R rows
Nishiarai side: "Adachi Fireworks" pair area & triple area
Nishiarai side: "Adachi Fireworks" 4-person table seats