Yoshida Ema-ya

  • Yoshida Ema-ya
  • Yoshida Ema-ya
  • Yoshida Ema-ya
Name of facility Yoshida Ema-ya
Overview Ms. Asako Yoshida is the 8th owner of Yoshida Ema-ya. They have been doing business of making Ema, picture papers for paper-covered lamp stand and bills for people in a farm village and Senju post station. They specialize in small Ema with a roof that was made with a thin sheet of wood drawn a picture. There are over 40 kinds of designs such as Yakushi or a healing Buddha for people having eye troubles and Tenjin god or a symbol of learning for people wishing for academic achievement. Jiguchi-e-gami or a paper on which a pun was drawn with pictures, started to be made in the Edo period. Jiguchi-e-gami was pasted on a frame assembled in a rectangular shape beforehand by a buyer, and finished Jiguchi-Andon or a paper-covered lamp stand. Shrines and their approach were decorated with the lamps at the time of festivals. Ms. Asako Yoshida who has been making them became a holder of registered intangible folk cultural assets in Adachi City in 1982, and in 1985 Ema materials of the Yoshida family were designated as a registered tangible cultural asset.
Address 4-15-8 Senju Adachi
Access 10 min. walk from Kita-Senju Station (West Exit) of Tobu Skytree Line, JR, Tokyo Metro and Tsukuba Express
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03-3880-5984 (Adachi Power of Communities Promotion Division, Community Culture Section, Cultural Heritage Subsection)

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