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新潟県魚沼市 奥只見湖 画像

Half a century ago, Adachi city held the ski school in the old Koide-cho town. Afterward, child exchange meeting has been carried out from 1962 to 1976.
This was the chance to establish our relationship.
As the only route from Niigata to go to Oze that has been designated as a national park, you can enjoy the scenery while overlooking the lake cruise and Jukai or a sea of trees.

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長野県山ノ内町 横手山 画像

During the Second World War, children in Adachi City were forced to evacuate to the town of Yamanouchi. Because of that, we have tied up a relationship.
Yamanouchi town blessed with a rich nature, having the Shiga and Kita-Shiga Highlands with beautiful scenery from sesason to season and Yudanaka, Shibu Hot Spring with abundant hot water, is also famous as a tourist destination.

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栃木県鹿沼市 屋台 画像

In 1984, Adachi City opened an outdoor recreation center in Kanuma City, which started to establish a friendship city with Kanuma.
​ ​"Satsuki Festival" where many colorful flowers bloom and "Buttsuke festival" where the gorgeous carved floats parade, are well known throughout the country.

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It tells the charm of each city such as through tourism PR product exhibition.

KYU+A(キュア) ロゴ 画像