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About our association

the purpose

General Foundation Adachi Tourism Exchange Association, promotion and tourism that residents and visitors can enjoy, through the interaction of the sister city and friendship municipalities, the expansion of the city of creation and ward consumption with a bustle throughout the year aim, and is intended to contribute to the activation of the wards economy.


(1) Utilization, discovery, and creation of tourism resources that take advantage of the characteristics of the town
(2) Thing about holding of sightseeing event
(3) Thing about domestic and foreign inhabitant exchange
(4) Thing about support of tourism business and inhabitant exchange business such as culture, education, sports, economy, etc. carried out by private sector
(5) Thing about research, information gathering and dissemination about tourism, exchange
(6) Coordination and support with groups and individuals involved in community development through tourism
(7) Thing about sale of local specialties and goods of ward and exchange city
(8) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this association

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 令和6年度事業計画書(PDF data

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■ Business Report · Settlement

 令和4年度事業報告書(PDF data

 令和4年度決算報告書(PDF data

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1-17-1, Chuohoncho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Adachi Ward Office South Building 4th floor
Telephone: 03-3880-5853 FAX: 03-3880-5769