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Through the promotion of tourism projects that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors, and mutual exchanges with sister cities and friendly local governments, the association aims to create a bustling city and expand consumption within the ward throughout the year. The purpose of the establishment is to contribute to the revitalization of.
Everyone who supports the Adachi City Tourism Exchange Association, why don't you join us at this opportunity?

Guidance of admission

Join how

次の情報を、お電話またはInquiry formからご連絡ください。
1 Customer's name
2 Customer's address
3 Customer's phone number
4 Desired membership classification
(Platinum members, Gold members, Regular members), number of subscribers

After receiving the application, we will send you a postal transfer form, so please transfer the membership fee from the post office.


Membership period · Membership card



Membership category

Please choose from the following three categories. All membership categories can be applied regardless of individuals or groups (membership with multiple entries is also possible).

1 Platinum member (annual membership fee 100,000 yen)
2 Gold member (annual membership fee 10,000 yen)
3 Regular member (annual membership fee 5,000 yen)

*The paid membership fee will not be refunded even if the event is cancelled. Please be aware of this before applying.

Membership benefit list

Special mention Membership category
Platinum member GoLudo member regularMember
Adachi Fireworks 招待券・入場券の進呈 ※1、※2 Two Kita-Senju side invitation tickets
Association viewing place 20 admission tickets
Association viewing place
2 admission tickets
Association viewing place
1 admission ticket
有料席先行予約 ※1、※3 -
プログラム広告掲載 ※1 50,000 yen size free
- -
Event information / Sending information magazine イベントポスター ※1 - -
イベントリーフレット ※1
City tourist information magazine

※1Benefits related to the event will be presented only when it is held.
※2 令和6年6月28日(金)までに入金が完了した方に限り進呈いたします。
※3 令和6年4月26日(金)までに入金が完了した方に限り進呈いたします。


Tourism business

◆ Shobu Festival & World Food Plaza 令和6年6月1日(土)、2日(日) 
Shobunuma Park, Metropolitan Higashi Ayase Park Pigeon Plaza
◆第46回足立の花火 令和6年7月20日(土) 
Arakawa riverbed (between Nishiaraibashi and Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line iron bridge)
◆あだち区民まつり「A-Festa 2024」 令和6年10月12日(土)、13日(日) 
Arakawa Riverbed (Rainbow Square)
◆ 光の祭典2024 令和6年11月30日(土)~12月25日(水)
Takenotsuka Station East Exit Square-Motofuchie Park
Toneri Park Senbonzakura Festival

Toritsu Toneri Park

※ The business may be changed or canceled.

PR business

◆ Walking around Senju 7 times a year (planned)
◆ Operation of the rest area "Senju-gai Station" Year-round
◆ Support for regional revitalization (support for group regional projects) Year-round

※ The business may be changed or canceled.

Exchange project

◆ Friendship City Tourism PR Product Exhibition "KYU + A" (Cure) Twice a year (planned)
◆ベルモント市交流体験ツアー 令和6年8月(予定)
◆ Acceptance of Belmont City Mission 令和7年1月(予定)

※ The business may be changed or canceled.