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  • 【受賞作品決定!】 あだち街フォトコンテスト2023

【受賞作品決定!】 あだち街フォトコンテスト2023

We are looking for photos of attractive landscapes taken in Adachi City after January 1, 2023!

[Application period]
From Wednesday 1 November 2023 at 10:00am to Wednesday 31 January 2024 by 5:00pm (must arrive)

[Qualification requirements]
Anyone can post, but parents' consent is required for junior high school students and younger

[The number of application]
Up to 5 works per person

​ ​[About Application photo]
※ However, the work posted on the publication, HP or SNS, created by the applicant with no commercial purpose, can be applied.
* It will be invalid if you use the name of another person or quote another person's work.
* The work must be free of copyright, portrait rights and privacy. Applicants must obtain consent for any person included in the work. (If a junior high school student or younger is shown, parental consent is required).
*If you violate the application rules, you will be asked to cancel the prize and return the prize or the actual cost equivalent to the prize even after the prize has been decided.

<実施要領・応募規約 Click here. Please be sure to read this before submitting your photos. >

[Photo format and size]
JPEG format shot with a digital camera or smartphone and within 10 MB per work.
※ What is an extreme image processing in the digital (synthesis and modification, etc.) are not eligible to apply.

[Judging cooperator]
Mr. Yasuo Ito, Advisor to the General Headquarters of The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies 
Ms. Takako Mogaki, Member of Kanto Headquarters, The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies
公益社団法人 日本写真協会 森誠子氏
一般社団法人日本写真作家協会 内村文男氏

[Each prize]

① Selection by judges and Adachi City Tourism Exchange Association (gift certificate)
Grand Prix (1 person) worth 30,000 yen / Second Grand Prix (1 person) worth 20,000 yen / Special Prize (4 people) worth 10,000 yen /
Association Chairman&#39;s Award (1 person) worth 10,000 yen / Association Secretary-General&#39;s Award (1 person) worth 5,000 yen / Person in Charge Award (5 persons) worth 3,000 yen

Creating an original study notebook using award-winning works

Winners (6 people) 3,000 yen prize

※ The prize are unavoidably subject to change without notice.

[Application method]
① Please access the application site linked from this page after November 1st and apply for photos.
* It may take some time from application to publication.
(2) If you wish to apply using a recording medium such as a CD-R, please bring or mail it with the prescribed application form that will be distributed from November at the citizen office.

Nice works may be used for City PR and event posters!?

The works are used in various media such as flyers, posters, booklets, websites, etc. to convey the charm of Adachi City!

Utilization for the 45th Adachi fireworks posters

Utilization on the Adachi City official website

From the top left
Mr. Nyantaro

From the bottom left

All photos are from the Adachi City Photo Contest.
All names are nicknames used when submitting works.

Other use cases

&quot;Ada One Cinema College&quot; publicity leaflet
(Issue: Adachi City Press and Public Relations Division)

2022 Adachi City main facility guide map/traffic safety guide map
(Issue: Adachi City Press and Public Relations Division)

Adachi City Administrative Service Guide (2022 version)
(Issue: Adachi City Press and Public Relations Division)

Many others

Message from the judge!

We have received a message from Mr. Yasuo Ito (Advisor to the General Headquarters of the All Japan Photo Federation), who has been watching the works as a judge since the 1st Adachi City Photo Contest!

Adachi is a fascinating city for photo lovers.
There are roads and retro shopping streets that retain traces of the post town, and there are plenty of photo opportunities such as summer fireworks and park illuminations etc.
In the 5th submission, there was a picture of a boy looking out from the onion drying rack.
It was a wonderful photograph with a strong imaginative power of expression, which made us imagine someone not in the photo in front of the boy's line of sight.
We're looking forward to seeing unique photographs this year as well.

Mr. Yasuo Ito, Advisor to the General Headquarters of The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies

The 6th winning works

Grand Prix

Thank you for your hard work today
Posted by: Kitasenju Kanata

Semi-grand prix

The world in picture books
Posted by: Mochiko。

Special prize

First snow
Posted by: Machinaka-no-Cameraman
Dream after rain
Posted by: Hanatsumu
Posted by: Am.I
Let&#39;s go home!
Posted by: T.HONDA

The 5th winning works

Grand Prix

We harvested a lot this year too♪
Photographer: DAIKI

Semi-grand prix

Nameless hero under the track
Photographer: Hanatsumu

Special prize

Drawing on the ground
Photographer: Y
Mom! Let's play more!!
Photographer: Tanu Mama
Chiyoda Sensha Ryokichi
Secret base
Photographer: Sugi
Sunflower watching over two people
Photographer: Momo