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Privacy policy

General Foundation Adachi Tourism Exchange Association and the General Foundation Adachi-ku, tourist who from Exchange Association has been entrusted with some or all of the operation and create business of the site (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Association".), The following We established the personal information protection policy as, to build a mechanism of protection of personal information, and strive to appropriate management.

It should be noted that, at the time to introduce the events and tourist services, there are times when the web site of the business entity, event organizers is to link to.
Input, when you sign up, please check separately the privacy policy of the linked web site.

For the acquisition of personal information

The association will get the proper personal information regardless of the deception or other wrongful means.
Normal content of this site, you can use without revealing personal information, such as to identify the identity of the user.
In the analysis, such as access logs that have been recorded on the server, for better management of the site, but you do a survey of usage trends as a whole, it will not be paying attention to the specific ID.
However, when the operation of the page that uses such as inquiries and submission form, such as by the reply of convenience, we ask you to fill out, such as name, address, e-mail address.

For the transmission and reception of personal information within this site, in preparation for unauthorized access by a third party during communication, personal information is encrypted by SSL (secure sockets layer), which is an encryption technology, or security technology equivalent to this is applied. We are working to ensure safety. *

Use of Personal Information

Among the personal information that was obtained for your comments and inquiries, for the content, it is used only for service improvement of the site, for the name, address, etc., is used only for authentication identification for the reply and confirmation you.
For personal information obtained when use of other services, you can use to the extent necessary to provide the service you sign up.

Safety management of personal information

The association, leakage of personal information to be handled, will take necessary and appropriate measures for the safety management of prevention and other personal information of loss or damage.

For consignment of personal information

If the association is to entrust all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party, to conduct rigorous research on the third party, the safety management of personal information that has been entrusted with handling is achieved, the first make the necessary and appropriate supervision for the three parties.

About disclosure, correction, provision of personal information

For personal information that the Association is held, if we receive the disclosure, correction, deletion and addition of your claim, on which the claimant was confirmed to be the person in question, answer for the disclosure in a reasonable period of time and scope and, for the correction, delete, add, on your claim the contents of the investigation, make the correction or the like of the contents as needed.
However, if there is a risk of harm to the person himself or a third party of life, health and property, etc., if results in a significant hindrance to the implementation of the Association business, or if you would be in violation of other laws and regulations, in whole or in you may not be able to respond to some of your claim. Please note.

The association, except in cases falling under any of the following, do not disclose or provide the acquired personal information to a third party. It should be noted that, in the case of offer to the subcontractors do not hit to disclose or provide to a third party.

(1) With the consent of the person
(2) When disclosure or provision is requested based on laws and regulations
(3) When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
(4) When it is necessary for the national government or local public bodies to cooperate in carrying out public affairs, and there is a risk that obtaining the consent of the person will hinder the performance of the affairs.
(5) When providing information to the person in advance by notifying the person of the following items or keeping the information in a state that the person can easily know, and stopping the provision to a third party at the request of the person.
① be a use of the provision to a third party purpose
② item of personal data to be provided to third parties
③ means or method of providing to a third party
That the person to stop the provision to third parties of personal data that is identified in accordance with the request of the person ④
(6) When disclosing / providing statistical data, etc. in a state where the person cannot be identified
(7) When provided in connection with business succession due to merger, company split, business transfer or other reasons

about this website

The copyright of the content (text, photos, illustrations, etc.) posted on this site belongs to this association.
In addition, copyright of some of the content is owned by the original author. It is prohibited to perform a secondary use of the authorization without use, reproduction, diversion and sales.
If you would like a copy or quote of the content that is posted on this site, please contact the Association.


Although every effort has been made to validate the accuracy of published information on this site, the acts the Association the user is performed using the information on this site, also, the damage incurred due to the access to the site, compared to a loss on, it does not assume any responsibility in any case.
This site is, you might want to change or delete the contents without notice. Please note.

About Link

When performing a link to this site, please contact the Association.
However, the link from the home page corresponding to the following content, is strictly prohibited.

(1) A site that contains content aimed at defaming, defaming, or damaging our association or Adachi Ward.
(2) Sites that the Association has determined may provide information that violates laws and regulations and public order and morals.
(3) A site where it is unclear that it is our association site (a form in which this site is incorporated in a unique frame, etc.)
(4) Other sites that the Association has determined do not meet the business objectives of the Association.

In addition, after you accept to make a link, in the like if the link source of the website it was found that the above conditions are met, we will remove the link. Please note.

About Banner

As a general rule, the link destination is the site top page (https://www.adachikanko.net/).
Please banner image is using the following image.

▼ if the link in the text
<a href=”https://www.adachikanko.net/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>あだち観光ネット</a>

When you set up a link, please specify the effect is a link to a general incorporated foundation in Adachi-ku, Tourism Exchange Association official website.

* For SSL (secure sockets layer)
In SSL, security-related electronic exchanges (digital authentication / digital signature) are performed between the Association and the user before the user sends personal information, and data is transmitted after mutual authentication. At that time, the communication between our association and the user is disturbed by random numbers, and erroneous transmission to a third party who tries to steal data by impersonating the user is prevented.
In addition, the information transmitted by SSL is encrypted using two types of encryption methods: public key cryptography (RSA) and symmetric key cryptography (private key cryptography). An electronic &quot;key&quot; is required to decipher this information. Even if the information is intercepted by a third party, it is impossible to decrypt the encrypted information without the correct key. The types of keys are finite, but it takes a long time, which can be said to be unrealistic, even if you work computationally using a personal computer etc. to try all the keys in order and reach the correct key, so information is provided by a third party. It can be said that it is extremely difficult to decipher.