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A popular bakery opened in a corner of a residential area

Ms. Onuma, the shop owner who had been baking bread at home since she was a child in the hope of being a baker. I was once devoted to housewife, but when I moved to the current place, I fulfilled my dream and opened my own shop in June 2021. Pullman with subtle sweetness of wheat and a fluffy texture of the bread got a good reputation by the neighbors and it became a popular local bakery less than half a year after its opening. Currently, it is open only two days a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays because the owner who is a housewife prepares all of them by herself. It seems that she considers expanding the business in the future, and it absolutely gets more fans.

Furiganaベーカリー アッシュ
Address足立区一ツ家3-27-8 Google map
Business hours11:30~17:00
Regular holidayMondays / Wednesday-Fridays / Sundays
Access15-min. walk from Tsukuba Express Rokucho Station

* The content of this page is based on the article "Go to a new shop full of energy! Newly opened shop in 2021".
* This information is as of November 18, 2021.

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