Nishiarai Daishi Visit

  • March 18, 2022
  • 2022年3月22日

Founded in 826, it is a temple of the Buzan school of Shingon Sect with a long history of about 1,200 years. Eleven-faced Kannon and Kobo Daishi are enshrined. The Sanmon gate built in the late Edo period with the Nio statues on both sides of the door, and sculptures such as the twelve zodiac and the lion mask is splendid.

Worship spot

Large Main Hall

The golden main hall in the center of Nishiarai Daishi is dedicated to Eleven-faced Kannon and Kobo Daishi. Goma, a sacred fire for invocation is also held here.

Washing Jizo

Ten kinds of good luck are given, and it is said that there is merit especially in longevity.


The benefits for art and voyage safety
are believed.

Chigo Daishisonzo

The benefits for child-rearing and academic achievement
are believed.

Nyoirin-do (Nyonin-do)

The benefits for various women's wishes
are believed. 

Shusse Inari

The benefits of business prosperity and success in life
are believed. 

Salt Jizo

Since the Edo period, many people suffering from warts have worshiped. It is traditional to receive salt and rub it into the affected area, and if there is merit, return double the salt.


The building that remains from the Meiji era. The 88 statues of Daishi are enshrined in the first floor, the thirteen Buddhas in the second floor, and the Gochi Nyorai and the twenty-five bodhisattva in the third floor.

Flower spot

Nishiarai Daishi is also a place famous for flowers. Introducing the flowers that will be in full bloom from the end of March.

Gourmet spot

Around the approach to the temple in front of the Sanmon gate, there are shops of various genres such as fashionable cafes as well as long-established shops such as the famous "Kusa Dango" and "Hand-grilled rice crackers". Please come and visit the shops around Nishiarai introduced in this booklet.


Various events are held, including the temple festival held on the 21st of every month, which make the precincts lively.

Monthly festival (21st of every month)

The 21st is the festival of the temple, many worshipers visit, and street vendors also open stalls.

Daruma memorial service (February)

Daruma doll after finishing its role will be burnt.

Wind chime festival (July)

A lot of wind chimes are collected from all over the country, and a cool and beautiful tone echoes.

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