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  • March 28, 2022
  • 2022年4月27日

Thank you for your cooperation in preventing new coronavirus infection.
Please take measures against infection, such as cough etiquette and hand washing, when you enjoy eating out.

Do you like bread, everyone?
You won't get tired of eating fluffy white bread, buttery croissants, and crispy French bread every day.
This time, we would like to introduce 3 of the popular shops selected for the "5th Adachi Shining Shop Selection [Bread Delicious Shop]".


Ichika Bakery

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
[(Clockwise from the front) Rich sweet miso raisins 320 yen, cheese France 500 yen (half size 250 yen), baguette traditional 340 yen (half size 170 yen), miscellaneous grain campagne 400 yen (half size 200 yen)]
The original "Mocchiri Koku Ama Miso Raisin" won the grand prize at the "Bakery New Product Development Contest" sponsored by the California Raisin Association while the owner Tomoyuki Ozeki was in office at a major bakery before independence.
Raisins soaked in Saikyo white miso are baked with sesame seeds, brown rice, and rice flour.

The scent of freshly baked bread that makes visitors smile

A small bakery with a face-to-face counter that opened in March 2018.
Tomoyuki Ozeki, who was independent from a major bakery, is baking alone.
A variation that fits any age group and taste while being sophisticated in appearance.
Although the number is limited, there are about 50 kinds of breads are baked every day.
The popular "miso raisins" are baked at 12:00 noon.
The dough is prepared from the previous day and fermented for a long time, and is changed into various taste of breads.
Surrounded by the scent of baking bread, there is a line for lunch today.

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
[(From the front left) Yellow peach Danish 320 yen, Tama cafe au lait anpan 280 yen. (From the middle left) Jumbo flank 310 yen, caramel chocolate nuts 340 yen, isny croissant 260 yen. (Back) Cheese Curry France 260 yen]
The original "Tama Cafe au lait Anpan" is a collaboration product with the coffee bean roaster "Tama Coffee Roaster" in the neighborhood.
The harmony of cafe au lait cream and bean paste packed in Danish pastry, taste and texture is excellent.
Adachi ward gourmet special feature
It's a little far from Kita-Senju Station, but there are lines at noon.
There is a wide variety of items, such as meal-like baguette and rye bread, stuffed ones such as curry and sausage, and snack-like ones using fruits and chocolate.
There are also seasonal and day-only items, so looking forward to visiting.

■ Ichika Bakery
Business hours:10:00-20:00 (finished as soon as sold out)
Closed:Mondays / Thursdays / Sundays
Address:27-5 Senju-Kotobukicho, Adachi-ku (MAP)
Takeaway booking:Possible (reservation required by the day before on LINE)
Barrier-free support:Yes
Wi-Fi connection:None
Access:15-min. walk from JR Joban Line Kita-Senju West Exit,  
or 4-min. walk from "Senju 4-chome" stop after taking Toei Bus Kita 47 (bound for Kita-Senju Station) for 25 minutes from Takenotsuka Station East Exit
Measures against new coronavirus:Thorough employees' hand washing, wearing masks, taking temperature, thorough ventilation, disinfection of hands and fingers when customers enter the store

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
The staff take a bread from the showcase and hand it over the counter.
The small space in front of the store has no steps from the road, so it's easy to drop in with a wheelchair or a stroller, or with a pet.


Freshly baked bread studio San Bergo (Yakitate Kobo San Bergo)

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
[5 types of koppe bread, 220 yen each (from the front left) Homemade peanuts and strawberry jam. (From the back left) Blueberry jam, custard cream, red bean paste]
Koppe-pan is 100% wheat from Hokkaido. The taste of wheat is clearer only with a simple dough.
The most popular is peanut koppe, which sandwiches your favorite taste after you place an order.
Fresh cream is 70 yen for toppings, and margarine is a free service.

Bread is baked with a unique method and has been loved for over 40 years.

Founded in 1979. The way of making flavorful bread created by the predecessor where the dough are fermented for a long time at a low temperature, has been handed down to the second generation and continues to be loved by the locals as daily bread.
Further improvement and development while maintaining high quality. They added sake lees and yogurt to the dough to improve the taste, and from this year they use only domestic flour.
If you're not sure which one to choose, why not try their best koppe-pan, the long-selling Dainagon bread, and the melon bread that is very popular in a school store of Adachi High School.

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
[(Clockwise from the right back in the tray) Dainagon bread half 400 yen (whole 800 yen), An-doughnut 150 yen, Mochimochi bread (chocolate, sesame) 2 pieces 110 yen, Chocomeron 150 yen, Sweet potato bread 150 yen, bacon cheese 170 yen, curry bread 200 yen, chocolate croissant 150 yen. Outside the tray is French bread rusks, bread karinto, each 350 yen]
Each one has its own taste. The award-winning Dainagon bread has a rich taste with a combination of creamy dough and Dainagon from Tokachi.
Adachi ward gourmet special feature
From meal bread to sandwiches, stuffed bread, snack bread, and character bread. In the back, in addition to the original bread Karinto and French bread rusks, there are also sweets from "Adachi Confectionery Honpo", which consists of 14 companies as a new specialty of Adachi City.

■ Freshly baked bread studio San Bergo
Business hours:7:30~18:30
Closed:Sundays and public holidays
Address:8-10-1 Umeda, Adachi-ku (MAP)
Takeaway booking:Not available
Barrier-free support:Not available
Wi-Fi connection:None
Access:4-min. walk from Tobu Skytree Line Umejima Station
Measures against new coronavirus:Thorough employees' hand washing, wearing masks, taking temperature, and thorough ventilation (installation of air purifier "Air Dog"), disinfection of hands and fingers when customers enter the shop

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
The red store name and eaves are the landmarks. There are many regular customers who continue to come for three generations.
Aiming to create a new kitchen that can contribute to the community, they opened a shared kitchen (restaurant establishment support facility) "Hajimaru Kitchen" near Umejima Station.
From April, bread will be sold in front of the underground cafeteria at Adachi City Office.



Adachi ward gourmet special feature
[(From the front left) Sakadane cream-pan 135 yen, egg dog 170 yen, Sakadane chocolate cornet 130 yen.
(From the left in the back row) An butter France 170 yen, Sakadane koshi an-pan 115 yen, sesame sesame sesame bread 150 yen]
Confectionery dough other than stuffed bread and French bread uses Sakadane for fermentation.
The unique flavor and moist dough is soft even after a while.
The original "sesame sesame sesame bread" with plenty of sesame paste is made by kneading sesame into the dough.
It's not too sweet and can be eaten even though it's heavy.

With the revived traditional taste and the original new taste

The owner who trained in "Domel", which was founded more than 100 years ago and separated from Ginza Kimuraya, became independent.
Not only locals but also former regulars visit for bread using Sakadane, such as an-pan and cream-pan that reproduced in the same way learned from the closed Domel.
In addition, a wide variety of breads impress you, such as meal breads where you can simply taste the flavor of the choice flour, and stuffed breads with plenty of ingredients that new products are added every month.
The price is also reasonable, so you may buy this and that.

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
[(Clockwise from the front right) Onion bread 145 yen, cheese France 140 yen, British bread 230 yen, country walnut 185 yen] British bread is made from only salt and flour. Ferment the dough for a long time and chew it to enjoy the flavor and aroma of wheat. The onion bread is good enough to eat, but the aftertaste is refreshing. The mayonnaise used is homemade.
Adachi ward gourmet special feature
Open at 7am. The owner is baking breads and his wife is working at the shop. About 80 kinds of bread are baked one after another until noon.
Customers continue to come, such as businessmen on their way to work, elderly people in the neighborhood, young moms pulling strollers, and workers at construction sites in the neighborhood.

Business hours:7:00~18:30
Closed:Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Address:3-10-24 Chuo-honcho, Adachi-ku (MAP)
Takeaway booking:Available
Barrier-free support:Available
Wi-Fi connection:None
Access:5-min. walk from Tobu Skytree Line Gotanno Station East Exit
Measures against new coronavirus:Thorough employees' hand washing, wearing masks, taking temperature, thorough ventilation, disinfection of hands and fingers when customers enter the store

Adachi ward gourmet special feature
The red eaves are eye-catching in a quiet residential area.
Opened in March 2007. March of this year will mark the 15th anniversary.



(This information is as of March 24, 2022)

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