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Enjoy your bath to the fullest and have a toast after your bath! A short trip with a public bath and gourmet food

  • October 6, 2023

It's the season when the coolness of the mornings and evenings and the sound of insects make you miss taking a bath.
It might also be a good idea to warm up in a spacious public bath and enjoy alcohol and gourmet food after the bath.
We will introduce you to restaurants where you can feel free to go by yourself, such as standing bars, izakayas, and soba restaurants.

[Shops introduced in this article]

Senju Menchikan (Senju Menchikan)

This is a new type of bar that opened in 2020 in Kitasenju's busiest downtown area, ``Bar Yokocho'', which is packed with restaurants.

As you can imagine from the name, this is a place where you can casually enjoy freshly fried minced meat cutlets and a quick drink in a standing bar style. The minced meat cutlets are carefully hand-prepared using carefully selected domestic beef and pork. When eaten piping hot, the deliciousness of the meat spreads through the crispy batter. In addition to the basic "Senju minced meat," there are several other flavors of minced meat, such as cheese and plum. It's a small size that goes well with sake, so it's good to try others comparing the flavors. Shumai, which is steamed in a steamer after ordering, is also a popular item with plenty of meaty flavor. In addition, from the standard izakaya menu, there are cheap and delicious side dishes such as the original ``Avocado Shio-konbu'' and ``Cream Cheese Soy Sauce Pickled'' (429 yen each), which will tickle the spirits of alcohol lovers.

[Menchi set 440 yen, rich grapefruit sour/blue lemon sour 550 yen each]

A set of plain Senju minced meat and cheese minced meat with melting rich cheddar cheese. It's cheaper than ordering each item separately. There are a variety of sours made with plenty of frozen fruit, including lemon, grapefruit, and mango. A refill of sour is 385 yen.

[Special Shumai (4 pieces) 528 yen]

The Shumai is made with luxuriously coarsely ground pork and is packed with the delicious flavor of the meat. It is a recommended item along with minced meat, and is served freshly steamed after receiving your order.

Representative Shigeo Saito and staff member Yutaro. ``We aim to create a bar that takes advantage of the best aspects of both, a classic bar and a new style,'' says Saito.

[Exterior / Interior]

【Shop information 】

■Senju Menchikan
Tel: 03-6806-2058
Business hours: 17:00-24:00, Saturdays 15:00-24:00, Sundays and holidays 15:00-23:00 (Food LO 1 hour before each, Drink LO 30 minutes before each)
Closed: Not fixed
Seats: 30 seats (6 standing seats, 24 table seats)
Address: 2-65 Senju, Adachi-ku
Reservations: Possible (2nd floor table seats only)
Takeout reservation: Enabled
Barrier-free support: Not enabled
Wi-Fi: None
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/senjumenchikan/
Access: 2-min. walk from JR Joban Line and others Kita-Senju Station West Exit

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It is one of the most well-known in Tokyo as a retro public bath with a tasteful garden and porch.
27-1 Senju-Motomachi Adachi-ku
20-min. walk from JR Joban Line and others Kita-Senju Station 
(About 20-min. walk from Senju Menchikan)

Motsuyaki Kushigin

When you pass through the rope curtain and open the sliding glass door, you will find a polished wooden counter seat inside the spacious store. The atmosphere of an old-fashioned bar and a variety of dishes, including skewers, will welcome you.

The owner, Tomoya Murayama, took advantage of his experience in cooking Japanese cuisine and seasonal cuisine to become independent. When it opened in 2008, he wanted to create a restaurant where all kinds of people could feel free to stop by, and he focused on creating a people-friendly appearance and menus. The menu includes everything from motsuyaki and a la carte dishes to rice and noodles, and the whiteboard also lists weekly dishes that are popular with regular customers. One of the most popular dishes is the "Stir-fried Garlic Shirokoro Horumon." The strong flavor makes the drink go well. The owner also recommends "Genghis Khan" and "Kushigin Highball," which Mr. Murayama says are the flavors of his youth. Please come and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant.

[Stir-fried garlic and shirokoro hormone 620 yen, Kushigin highball 350 yen]

A dish made by rolling and frying offal "Shiro". The flavor of soy sauce and garlic will whet your appetite. There are two flavors: garlic and spicy miso, so choose your favorite. Enjoy it with Kushigin Highball, which bears the store's name.

[Genghis Khan 850 yen]

A set of tender, high-quality lamb meat and vegetables. The meat is approximately 120g, which is just the right amount for 1 to 2 people. The special fruity sauce is said to be inspired by the taste of a famous Hokkaido restaurant that the owner loved when he was young. Served with Genghis Khan hotpot.

From the right: owner Tomoya Murayama, deputy owner Kenichi Murata, and staff member Ouchi. “We try to provide services that they can enjoy their drinks leisurely,” says Murata.

[Exterior / Interior]

【Shop information】

■Motsuyaki Kushigin
Tel: 03-5888-7085
Hours: 17:00-24:00
Closed: Mondays and second Tuesdays of the month
Seats: 23 seats
Address: 4-14-1 Adachi, Adachi-ku
Reservation: Enabled
Takeout Reservation: Not available
Barrier-free support: Negotiable
Wi-Fi: None
Access: 10-min. walk from Tobu Skytree Line Gotanno Station

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The magnificent shrine-style building located in a residential area is impressive. The open-air rock bath overlooking the inner garden is popular.
4-22-3 Adachi, Adachi-ku
5-min. walk from Tobu Skytree Line Gotanno Station
(About 7-min. walk from Motsuyaki Kushigin)


A large store with a folk-art style that has a dignified atmosphere on a spacious site. Established in 1980, Tanaka has been a soba restaurant that has been loved by locals for over 40 years.

"It's a large store, so some customers are surprised to learn that it's privately run," says Hiroyuki Tanaka, the owner, with a smile. Currently, the second generation, along with his eldest son, is managing the restaurant, which has approximately 80 seats.

Nihachi soba, made mainly from buckwheat flour from Hokkaido, is flavorful and smooth in your throat. In addition to single soba noodles, they also offer great value set menus for lunch. The store is open all day and night, so it's fun to have a drink and some snacks whenever you feel like it. Enjoy dishes typical of a soba restaurant, such as itawasa and tamagoyaki, as well as seafood dishes, and finish off with your favorite soba noodles. After-meal desserts are also available, including ice cream and Japanese sweets. Anmitsu using homemade vegetable gelatin with soba tea is an item that has many female fans.

[Three color soba 1,210 yen]

Cold soba with three flavors: wild vegetables, grated yam, and sesame. This is a popular menu where you can enjoy various flavors at once. "Seiro" (748 yen), which allows you to simply enjoy soba, and the "Tenseiro" (1,540 yen), which comes with an assortment of tempura are also recommended.

[Yuba sashimi 528 yen, sake 473 yen~]

The homemade yuba is rich in soybean flavor and has a melt-in-the-mouth texture. Served with a special sauce made with dashi. Another popular dish, "Namero" (583 yen), which is made with tuna, white fish, and squid marinated in a special hand-made miso, is a popular dish that pairs well with sake.

[Cream Anmitsu 583 yen]

A dessert made with homemade vegetable gelatin made with soba tea and matcha, served with fruit and ice cream. Enjoy the sweetness that can only be found at a soba restaurant for dessert.

[Exterior / Interior]]

【Shop information 】

Tel: 03-3854-5740
Hours: 11:00-21:00 (LO20:30) *Lunch time is 11:00-15:00
Closed: Thursdays
Seats: 78 seats
Address: 7-4-6 Nishiarai, Adachi-ku
Reservation: Enabled
Takeout Reservation: Not available
Barrier-free support: Negotiable
Wi-Fi: None
HP: https://www.soba-tanaka.com/
Access: 5-min. walk from Nippori-Toneri Liner Nishiarai-Daishinishi Station, or 10-min. walk from Tobu Daishi Line Daishimae Station

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Yudokoro Jinnobi

A building-shaped public bath that is often introduced on TV as a public bath with cats.
6-43-4 Nishiarai, Adachi-ku
8-min. walk from Tobu Daishi Line Daishimae Station or Nippori-Toneri Liner Nishiarai-Daishinishi Station
(About 14-min. walk from Tanaka)

Motsuyaki Daimatsu Takenotsuka branch (Motsuyaki Daimatsu Takenotsukaten)

It opened in 2006 as another shop with the same name of a long-established Motsuyaki restaurant in Ayase. This is a homely restaurant that will make you want to stop by being wafting good smell of skewers in front of the shop.

The high-quality offal skewers grilled by the owner, Mr. Aizawa, are delicious and go well with alcohol.  As he said "Adjusted depending on the season and temperature." The amount of salt is exquisite. Kasira is especially popular. The meat from the temples and cheeks of the pig has no excess fat yet is very juicy. The stew, which is prepared slowly and carefully, is also recommended. Not only the taste of the food, but also the personality of the owner and his wife are the reasons why the restaurant is so successful. The restaurant is always filled with laughter due to their careful attention to detail and a touch of humor. In recent years, the number of solo female customers has been increasing as they can eat and drink with peace of mind. It's a warm shop that makes you want to say "I'm home" when you step through the noren.

[(2 skewers each, from left) Shiro 300 yen, Kashira 330 yen, Abura 300 yen, Shochu Highball 330 yen]

Kashira has a spicy miso flavor with a rich depth of flavor. Shiro is seasoned with a smooth and rich sauce, and Abura around the small intestine is seasoned with salt. The skewers are served with seasonings that take advantage of the characteristics of each part. The most popular alcoholic drink is Chuhai.

[(From the right) Stewed 500 yen, Grilled Kashira with grated radish 650 yen]

The first dish you'll want to order is the pork offal stew, which is slowly cooked. Grilled Kashira with grated daikon radish and miso ponzu sauce is also recommended.

The owner, Hiroyuki Aizawa, has a reputation for his generosity. "I want to be the kind of restaurant where you can have a quick drink and go home feeling happy!"

[Exterior / Interior]]

【Shop information 】

■Motsuyaki Daimatsu Takenotsuka branch
Tel: 03-3858-5404
Hours: 17:00-23:00 (LO 22:30)
Closed: Sundays
Seats: 16 seats
Address: 1-27-8 Takenotsuka, Adachi-ku
Reservations: Enabled (telephone calls accepted until 18:00)
Takeout Reservation: Not available
Barrier-free support: Negotiable
Wi-Fi: None
Access: 4-min. walk from Tobu Skytree Line Takenotsuka Station East Exit

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The medicinal bath that changes daily has a herbal scent. The steam sauna is free to use, and the drinks from the vending machines are low priced, so customer-oriented services are also attractive.
3-10-2 Nishiarai, Adachi-ku
15-min. walk from Tobu Skytree Line Takenotsuka Station
(About 17-min. walk from Motsuyaki Daimatsu Takenotsuka branch)

(This information is as of October 1, 2023.)

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