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Ask the public bath event organizer! “I want to spread the enjoyment of public baths – the thoughts of a public bath manager event”

  • 2019年8月23日
  • January 25, 2022

Public bath event "Yubansar sento jaban-held in Galaxcity for two days, August 15 (Thursday) and 16th (Friday)-Let's spread to the world! Everyone's public bath ~ 」.
We asked Masataka Tamaru, the owner of Osaka Public Bath, the organizer of “Sumiyoshiyu Zuni Land”, which was the prototype of this event, about the significance of the event held at the public bath.

A variety of public bath events

—How many events have you worked on so far?

I've been doing 60-70 in the last 11 years.
At first, we had a live music event.
I also do rakugo, comics, haunted houses, workshops, etc.
Also, in the last couple of years, “Off Ron Pick” is held as a sports tournament that can be done at public baths, and a public bath theme park “Sumiyoshiyu Zuni Land” is held at the Sumiyoshi Ward Center Great Hall. I'm doing it.

Owl Pick

Sumiyoshi Yuzuni Land

—How did you decide to start the event?

In 2007, the public bath was renovated at great expense.
Therefore, music live was started not only for bathing but also for adding value.
Originally my father was doing jazz, so I think that there was an influence that I heard music from when I was in elementary school.
I started to think that by having an event, I could have customers enjoy “unusual” in the daily life of “sento”.
But at first it was a problem because there were no customers.
Why are the members performing very well? I thought.
That ’s when I realized. It is not intended for customers (who come to Asahi Onsen), but it should be an opportunity for people who do not usually go to a bathhouse.

Entrance fee for events held at Asahi Onsen is 440 yen including bathing fee. Since the normal bathing fee is 440 yen, you can enjoy high quality live at the price of taking a real bath.

Then we tried to attract customers while continuing trial and error.
At first, the flyers for advertisements were hand-drawn and the transmission of SNS was weak, so I asked a decent person to make a flyer and took it to a local tavern or bar for sale.
In addition, we only offered alcoholic beverages such as draft beer, but we included popular restaurants to add food.
There are delicious food and drinks and listen to music. Then, attracting customers gradually became stable. Various people have cooperated and have the current form.

It should be an opportunity to go to a bathhouse

Mr. Tamaru has been doing business for public baths every day and has been working on many events.
The concept is very simple: “To make the bathhouse lively”.
The event is to create a chance to visit a local public bath rather than to increase the number of visitors to the public bath.
The “Yuniversa Public Bath Jaban” held at Galax City is based on “Sumiyoshi Yu Zuni Land” sponsored by Tamaru, but the contents are slightly different.
Tamaru says, “I'm always in an open source stance. I hope the original plan will be used to arrange the content around. I hope everyone can“ wake up the bath ”.”
Mr. Tamaru wants to spread interesting things together, rather than monopolizing.
I'd like to continue to do all the ridiculous things like “Eh ?!” in order to make many people know that public baths are fun (laughs).

Masataka Tamaru

Sento Uiben and KakerutanThe third-generation owner of Osaka Sumiyoshi Asahi Onsen.
In order to convey the enjoyment of public baths, a number of events have been held at the public baths such as “Off Ron Pick”, “Yu Zuni Land” and “Cuban Music Live”.
Also, “Children's public bath” has been held regularly since February last year (currently vol.35). A throw-in box is installed at the front desk, soliciting small donations from users, and using it as a bathing fee for local children.

Children's Sento

Let's go to public baths and public bath events!

"Adachi public bath month" in August!
On August 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun), 31st (Sat), and September 1 (Sun), "Mystery Train Tomonoyu (*)" runs from Tobu Railway Kameido Station to Daishimae Station The (* Applications for the Mystery Train Saganoyu have been closed.)
Other than the mystery train, petit events will be held at the end of Daishi-mae Station and nearby!
★ A public bath appears at the end of the mystery train, Daishimae Station! ?
You can feel like you are in a public bath with panel displays and displays of public baths in the city.
★ Sale of public bath goods at Nishiarai Station Gate Square
Anyone can participate in the tours and petit events in Daishimae Station.
[Date] August 24 (Sat), 25 (Sun), 31 (Sat), September 1 (Sun), 2019
[Venue] Daishi-mae Station / Nishi Arai Daishi-san Square
>>Click here for the "Mystery Train Tomonoyu"

After enjoying the event, why don't you go back to the public bath and sweat?

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