Adachi Public Bath Festival 2019

  • July 31, 2019
  • January 25, 2022

"Adachi public bath month" in August!
The public bath stamp rally and events that were very popular last year are powered up and held this year too!

The first installment public bath stamp rally-the narrow path of the back journey of the 330th anniversary of your adventure-

Sendo Plush 2019Let's get on "Mystery Train Akatsuki no Yue"!
At the time of the Genroku period, where culture and literary art blossomed, Edo Fukagawa, 330 years ago, traveled to the “back alley”, and Matsuo Satoshi who celebrated many famous phrases.
Time revived a new year in search of a further year of the year Revived in the present age, bath enthusiast haiku master "芭蕉" is visiting Adachisenyu tour!
You're still going on adventure My ride on the Mystery Train Won't you together?

[Event summary]
To a special train on Tobu Railway that operates between Kameido and Daishizen, a total of four flights: Saturday, August 24, 20, Sunday, August 31, 2019, 2019 2019
It is an event that people who win by lottery can ride.
[Application period]
July 15 (holiday / Mon)-August 16 (Fri)
[Application method]
★ Set up haiku keywords related to "back narrow roads" in all 31 baths in Adachi City during the application period!
You can bathe in 3 different baths and apply for those who have collected 3 keywords.
Please select your desired service date and apply.
>>くわしくは、"Adachi public bath culture spread society" event page in HPfor more information.
Adachi public bath culture spread society telephone 03-6803-1824

Special interview! Ask the public bath event organizer! “I want to spread the enjoyment of public baths – the thoughts of a public bath manager event”

Public bath event "Yubansar sento jaban-held in Galaxcity for two days, August 15 (Thursday) and 16th (Friday)-Let's spread to the world! Everyone's public bath ~ 」.
We asked Masataka Tamaru, the owner of Osaka Public Bath, the organizer of “Sumiyoshiyu Zuni Land”, which was the prototype of this event, about the significance of the event held at the public bath.
>> Click here for details

Sento Uiben and Kakerutan

(Finished) The 2nd hot spring Nibansaru public bath is held-everyone's public bath! ~

Yuniba Salsen Senjajaban

Is the public bath amusement park coming to Galaxcity?
A wide variety of events such as the public bath goodwill mazes and Zen Curling attractions, the public bath nails and workshops of Fujisan soap, Maruyama public bath painter's live paint, Cuban music live and more! !
[Date and time]
August 15, 2019-Thursday, August 16, 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Galaxyty (Adachi-ku, Kurihara 1-3-1)
>> For details,"Adachi public bath culture promotion meeting" HP event pagetoGalaxyty HP event pagefor more information.
Galaxy City Phone 03-5242-8161 / FAX03-5242-8165

In addition to this, we are preparing one after another!

In addition to the above, during the public bath month, there are lots of fun events ♪
We will inform you of the contents, etc. sequentially on this page.

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