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【August is Adachi Bathroom Month! Which ausa will you go to? What? Sento expert "Umejima" Kun Recommend Sento is here!

  • 2018年8月30日
  • 2023年3月17日

<· · · It is a little far from the east exit of Kitasenju station here, it is located in the residential area,
It is a reputation shop to serve delicious craft beer.
Both of them were born in Adachi Ward and brought up in Adachi-ku,
Now is Umezima, who works for sundry goods, and OL who is editing at the publisher
Mr. Ayase. Both are 28 years old, two of my childhood friends are classmates from elementary school.
Usually Umezima often makes Ayase wait for him,
Today it seems that Umejima is waiting ... ... Ayase came to there finally>

Fashionable bathhouse overturning the concept of public bath

"Umejima-kun! Sorry! I got totally late."
"Ayase, Otsukare summer! Did not the work end?"
"Wow, that's different. Rather, it's finished soon and time has gone, so I went to the public bath, because it's the bath you are drinking, is not it okay then the talk with the regular customers got excited ... really sorry! Today I will treat you "
"Well, that is the bath that I recommended during this time?"
"Ah, thatFashionable public bathIt was also good!There were plenty plants and it got super healed​ ​Anyway it is clean and amenity is enrichedI was doing, and Umezima was right.I got plenty of steam sauna as well​ ​Fresh in the sauna, skin moisturized with a silky bath.For me like "Women who want to be more beautiful" Ureshii placeright.
Thanks to Umejima! "

○ Introduction Bathroom: Botanical Sento Okada Yu
Adachi-ku Sekihara 3-43-2
Closed: Monday
Opening Hours: 15: 00-23: 30

Okada Yu 2


Okada Yu 4

Okada Yu 3

■ Beautiful skin with public baths! What?

"I am glad that I am Uleshi, but is that" fashionable public bath "too, are you going to the other public baths, maybe you went to another public bath today, Ayase?"
"Looking forward to it, Fuh, today isSoft waters in Antoni SentoI came close to you. "
"I was surprised, it sounds like a word comes out from the mouth of Mr. Ayase's" Softwater public bath "to himself. I guess he was completely into a public bath."
"Yes, it was Umejima-kun, you (Kiritsu) who made me a body that I can not afford without using a public bath, taking responsibility ... (laugh).
But you know,"Skin soft water" was also written on the signboard, but really skin moist and slippery,Forever your hair​ ​
Women, I'm very happy to be able to feel this. Absolutely every day's expressions should change with such good feeling! "


○ Introduction Bath: Wakamatsuyu
Adachi-ku Chuo-machi cho 2-19-11
Closed Friday: Friday
Opening hours: 15: 00-24: 00

Wakamatsu-yu 2

Wakamatsu-yu 3

Wakamatsu-yu 4

Cosupa may well be beautiful by going through a public bath! What?

"Tchit!" Today as well. "I got a sauna and soft water now is unbeatable."
"There are certainly things that you can feel realized by going to a public bath.It is the same for men as well.The comfort of warming the body with plenty of hot water,The feeling of liberation feeling no matter whatWonder"
"right,So the price is 460 yen. Even if you put sauna, it is a little more. Although I have attended esthetic several times before,
When considering cost performance it is overwhelmingly a public bath!"
"Certainly, I will have 500 yen change."

"Today's Ayase, it looks kinda nice"

"So today,Soft water bath bathAnd I got along with a very nice person. It was a beautiful eye-catching person, a beautiful person. When asked, I am a regular person here and a dancer. "
"Wow ~."
"I thought it was about the same age, and I tried to speak out, it was surprisingly surprising that we were 10 years old.
As expectedSento, especially soft water and sauna needed for beauty from five years agoI feel that it is, then I go to several public baths in the city.
It seems that today's public bath is also going well. I also go to a public bath, and appearance and contents become special clean like that person! (Movement of Dancers) LOL "
"As soon as the story of the public bath begins, we will not stop each other."
"Well, next time I have to go to Umen no yu near this shop!"

Ume no yu

○ Introduction Bath: Ume no yu
Adachi-ku Senju-Asahi-cho 41-11
Closed: Not fixed
Opening hours: 16: 00-24: 00

Umen no yu 2

Ume no yu 3

Ume no yu 4

(Sentence: Akitoshi Sato Photo: Adachi Sento Culture Popularization Association)

There are still more secret public baths! A ward's public bath

Ayase area

-Mt. Fuji's painting painting "One hot water" straddling a man and woman bath(Shinmei Adachi-ku, 1-1-3)
-A refreshing atmosphere based on white "Fuji no yu"(Towa 4 - 15 - 10 Adachi - ku)
-Loose with a big one bathtub! "Megumi"(Ayase Adachi-ku 5-20-6)
-Super rare! Sento with visionary white kerolin "Tamanou"(Achase Adachi-ku 2-37-4)
-Designer's pioneer of public bath "Ohira-yu"(Aoi Adachi-ku, 6-21-3)
-You can enjoy a steam sauna for free! "Matsuno"(5-5-10 Kearingu Adachi-ku)
-A nostalgic space like a time slip in Showa "Takasago-yu"(Adachi-ku, June 1-37-14)

Nishiarai area

-Enjoy the hot water of Kusatsu hot spring in the ward! "Yamato Yu"(Shimane Adachi-ku 2-19-7)
-Slim body with jet bath! "Nenpoizu"(3-10-2 Nishiarai Adachi-ku)
-___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0(6-43-4 Nishiarai Adachi-ku)
-Your skin slippers! King of soft water "Wakamatsu-yu"(2-19-11 Chuojimoto-cho, Adachi-ku)
-Tile painting with motif of Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige's world as a must-see! "Hotta yu"(Sekihara Sekihara 3-20-14 Adachi ku)
-It's like a forest! What? Plant-filled "Botanical Sento" "Okada-yu"(Sekihara Sekihara 3-43-2)
-A somewhat nostalgic traditional public bath "Matsunoyu"(2 - 26 - 9 Adachi-ku)
-Magnificious Mt. Fuji public baths attract people "Otimoto hot spring"(4-29-24 Nishiarinii-cho, Adachi-ku)
-Gentle skin beautiful hot water "Jiangbei Yu"(2-27-6 Adachi-ku, Jiangbei)
-"Adachi Bath Spa" that gleams with Adachi ☆(1-34-3 Adachi Ward Fan)
-The sauna and daily bathing salon are popular in public baths "Daito-rookuten"(11 - 14 Honkichinancho Adachi-ku)
-Oasis bathhouse 'Sento' Bamboo no yu '(Sekihara, Sekihara 1-9-13)
-Boasting Hokkaido Nori Hot Spring "Akemiyu"(4-20-21 Umeda Adachi-ku)
-Metabolism up in the radon bath up! "Spring hot water"(Umeda 3-24-9 Adachi-ku)
-Gorgeous gorgeous Miya-zenta public bath "Onsen"(Adachi-ku Adachi 4-22-3)
-Two-sword flow of a tonkatsu shop and a public bath! What? "Tokiwa hot spring"(Adachi-ku Adachi 4-28-8)

Senju area

-Beautiful hot water warming from the core of the body "Matsunoyu"(Yachihara, Adachi-ku, 1-24-8)
-The essence of Japanese style modern is here! "Yamato Yu"(2-43-1 Yanagihara, Adachi-ku)
-The retro public bath of the stagecoach roof in the shopping street "Beautiful hot spring"(25-11 Senjuju-Asahi-cho, Adachi-ku)
-Community contact! Hospitality public bath "Ume no yu"(41-11 Senjuju-Asahi-cho, Adachi-ku)
-King of Edge side "Takara-yu"(27-1, Senjimoto-cho, Adachi-ku)
-Sento picture Outdoor bath! Sauna also enriched! "Kon no yu"(36-8 Senjuzuyanagi-cho, Adachi-ku)
-If you enter Niko Niko (^ ^) Hot water calling for a smile "Nico Nicho"(2-10 Senjuyanoya-cho, Adachi-ku)

Outside the public bath is also hot! What? "Adachi public bath exhibition" underway ♪

From August 25 (Sat) to September 2 (Sun), "Adachi Sento Exhibition" is held at the Atrium of Adachi Ward Office 1.
Mr. Mesopo Tadamiya Fumiaki Mesopo Tadanomiya, Illustrator Mr. Hirose Hirose, Mr. Yoshihiro Hirose, Mr. Culture Researcher of the Public Houses, including a variety of exhibits related to public baths, retro goodwill and weight scale, omen dryer, enamel signboard, kerolin tub etc Mr. Shinobu Machida and works of Yusushi Hara waitress are displayed on display.

Attention! The first nationwide announcement! Edo Blessed Diorama


In the "Sado Public Bath Exhibition", Showa and Edo, 2 fiscal period Buddhist dioramas are on exhibition.
Especially the first public announcement of Edo's sento diorama is a rare diorama unique to the whole country that faithfully reproduced Kaba and people up to the people, with reference to Ukiyo-e and others.
<Production> Shinobu Machida (Known as the leading expert in public bath research, "Mystery of Sento", "Sento heritage" and many others)

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