[Recommendation of Adachi sento] The 11th "Yamatoyu"

  • 2019年8月15日
  • January 25, 2022

The days when the temperature gets lower gradually. How about warming up your body in a public bath on such a day? . This time, for those who say that the public bath is hot, we will introduce “Yamato-yu”, a bathhouse with warm water.



Exit the Kitasenju Station East Exit and go straight. Pass through Gakuen Street shopping street to Yanagihara shopping street with a narrow retro atmosphere.
As you go further, you will see a high chimney.

Along the loosely curved road, an old-fashioned palace tiled roof.
A crane fish (sculpture) is displayed under the tangled wind with a beautiful curve, and under it is a magnificent board signboard of “Yamatoyu”. There are many public baths that only have a warm name, so it may be unusual.
Ikebana in front of the entrance. Yes, it is an entrance with a Japanese style that makes you want to say “the entrance”.

The front desk is like a hot spring inn, and it has a calm and calm appearance.
Japanese taste is given everywhere, from the rails to the wallpaper.

There is a signboard at the splendid entrance.
Japanese modern entrance
The calm front

A public bath like a hot spring inn

When you enter, you will be welcomed by landlady Ryoko Moriyama and Yasuyoshi.

It was said that Yamatoyu started to buy a bath in 1947 by folding the public bath that Reiko's great grandfather used in Ueno.
“Since it was“ Yamatoyu ”since I bought it, I don't know the origin of the name,” says Reiko.
It is inherited by grandmother, mother, and is the fourth generation with Reiko. I am working with my husband, Taiyoshi, on a tripod.

It was renewed extensively five years ago in the image of a hot spring inn that "neighbors feel like they are traveling overnight."
Since then, the number of young people and female customers has increased, and Saturday and Sunday are crowded with family members, young people exercising on the nearby Arakawa bank, and marathon runners.

It is a modern interior that is unified with Japanese modern style, but in fact, the building itself remains the same, and the appearance of pure Japanese style has not changed.
The fine beam that the carpenter showed me at the time of renovation still supports the building firmly.

The lighting inside the store is a gentle orange light that softens your mind. I can feel the commitment of the landlady's words, "I don't use any white light."

The dressing room has a chic dark-tone locker and a wooden rim that allows you to sit on the bath without worrying about water.

Dressing room

Popular baths such as whirlpools and daily hot springs are available


Of course, you can relax in the bathroom with colors and lighting with a reduced tone.

The chair uses a higher one. Consideration that does not burden the elderly.

There are two types of shower heads: a shower with fine water droplets and a head spa with a large amount of water.
If you rotate the head, it can be switched, so you can do it as you like.

There are three types of baths: jet bath, seat bath, and open-air bath. Will the jet bath be swept away if it is not held by the handrail? The water flow is so strong that the massage effect is excellent. It seems that customers are pleased.

Hot water made by boiling well water using firewood and gas is characterized by its soft touch.
Because it is 42 ℃ (40 ℃ on the street), it is soaked slowly.

The open-air bath is a fun daily hot spring that you can enjoy every day. In summer, fruit series such as mango, melon, and acai are delicious, such as beer and soft ice cream, and hibiscus with a tropical image. There are also wormwood, hinoki, etc.

Outdoor bath
In the open-air bath, a variety of hot water is offered daily.

Is it a classic coffee milk after a bath? Or ...?


After refreshing, take a break in the lobby. Don't forget to rehydrate while enjoying the feeling of freedom under the high ceiling.

In addition to the traditional drinks such as coffee milk, there are also rare bottle colas.

The front desk sells cosmetics, milky lotion, cleansing, hair rubber, etc. that are good for women, so you can safely forget it if you forget it. Colorful bath towels are also popular.


● Front formula
● Bath type = jet, seat bath, outdoor bath (daily hot water), standing shower
● Equipped
・ Bathroom = body soap, rinse in shampoo (free)
-Dressing room = Handy dryer
● Loan
・ Face towel (free)
● Sales = Bath towel 350 yen, used cosmetics, milky lotion, cleansing (50 yen each), mini shampoo, rinse, body soap, nylon fresher, etc.




■ Address: 2-43-1 Yanagihara, Adachi-ku
■ Phone number: 03-3881-6029
■ Business hours: 3:30 pm (2 pm on Sundays) to midnight (last admission is until 11:30 pm)
■ Regular holiday: Wednesday
■ Transportation: A 10-minute walk from the Kitasenju Station East Exit

Public bath bean knowledge [Miyazukuri public bath]

“Miyazukuri” public baths, such as temples and shrines, can only be found in Tokyo and its surroundings, and there are few in the region.
This is because in the Sumida Ward, where the building was burnt down in the Great Kanto Earthquake (Taisho 12), a master bath built with the skills of Miyada Carpenter built a public bath that made use of that technology to make many customers come.

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