[Recommendation of Adachi sento] artificial hot spring Akemiyu

  • December 4, 2019
  • January 25, 2022

In the cold season, it feels a bit unsatisfactory if you just take a bath at home.
At that time, let's relax in the public bath “Amemiyu” with hot springs.

Artificial hot spring "Amemiyu"


13 minutes walk from Tobu Sky Tree Line Umejima Station.

The door is opened 10 minutes before the opening time, and customers enter one after another.

Founded around 1955. The building that was renewed through several medium-scale contracts (renovation work) has a refreshing impression while leaving a shrine-like dignified roof.
The roof uses slate instead of tiles.

During the Great East Japan Earthquake, Akemiyu suffered severe damage from the chimney breaking down, but after overcoming it, it resumed operations and started various disaster prevention measures.
It was said that the roof was replaced and solar panels were installed, and last year, renovation including earthquake-resistant construction was performed.

On top of the hot spring, there is a magnificent signboard of “artificial hot spring Akemiyu”.
On the plate that describes the effect of the hot spring next to the entrance, “The whole body pores are open during bathing, and the pores close after exiting. I will be rejuvenated. " This makes you want to enter! (There is no "mud bath" written on the plate)



Unique interiors in the lobby

In the lobby, some boarded walls create a healing space.
Snacks are also sold, so you can take a break after taking a bath on the sofa.

Here, a lot of small interiors are worth noting.
Everything is unique. There is a shop that has appeared frequently on TV variety programs, and there is a celebrity sign on top of the men's bath entrance.
The pictures of Maiko next to the refrigerator are by the young lady of Katsunori Seto, all drawn in pointillism.

At the back of the front is a Kabuki face made with a shell of a crabs.
On top of that, it is the demon tile that remains from the tile roof.


Dawn and a large tank beside the Onsen entrance.
This is an artificial hot spring device that is sent from here to the bath.
You may wonder if it is really effective when you hear artificial hot springs.
Because it uses ores from Hokkaido's famous Fumika hot spring, which is well known as a radium hot spring, it passes through well water boiled in azure, so its effectiveness is also the hot spring itself.

I was convinced when I saw the cheerful figure of the predecessor Ikuo, who decided to introduce, "It's very good for the body. I do n’t think I ’m 90 years old.
Because it is alkaline, the skin of the landlady Junko who says "Skin becomes smooth. It is popular with people with weak skin" is also smooth.


A bathhouse picture of Mt. Fuji drawn by the only female painter in Japan is a must-see!


The dressing room has a high ceiling. There is also a training machine (free of charge), and there are strong people who are doing muscle training in the hot water.

When you open the bathroom door, you will notice the retro walls that appear in historical drama.
It's called “Namako Wall”, which is used for breweries, etc., and it is a little unusual to see it in the bathroom.
It seems that it was made in the image of a samurai residence and a castle wall during the medium-term contract in 2008.

And behind that is a picture of Mt. Fuji seen from the sea. This is a brush written by Mizuki Tanaka, the only female bathhouse painter in Japan.


There are 3 baths: white hot spring (Vibra, three types of sitting bath and sleeping bath), hot spring and water bath.

The hot spring hot spring is a landlady who says, “If you enter, you can understand.
The bath temperature is a little lower at 38-40 ° C, so you can put it in carefully.
Unbelievably enchanted as "Gokuraku ~", with the comfort that the ingredients of the hot spring permeate gradually from the skin.

There is also a free mist sauna and water bath so you can enjoy the sauna.

By the way, Otoyu has a water pool. Because it is about 2 x 6m, it is large enough for children to swim. Even if you go as a parent and child, you will be bored slowly.


● Front formula
● Bath type = hot spring, white hot spring (vibra, sitting bath, sleeping bath), water bath, mist sauna, standing shower (1)
● Equipped
・ Bathroom = body soap, rinse in shampoo (free)
・ Undressing room = Handy dryer (20 yen), Sphygmomanometer (free)
● Loan
・ Face towel (free)
● Sales
Akemiyu towel, Adachi towel, color towel, soap, facial cleansing foam, rinse-in shampoo, snacks, radium ore, etc.




■ Address: 4-40-21 Umeda, Adachi-ku
■ Phone number: 03-3887-1856
■ Business hours: 3 pm-midnight
■ Closed: Thursday
■ Transportation: 13 minutes on foot from Tobu Sky Tree Line “Umejima Station”, or 1 minute walk from Asakusa Kotobukicho, in front of Adachi Umedacho bus to “Umejima Daini Elementary School Street”

Public bath bean knowledge [Gutenjo]

It is a high-class style that is often used in temples and shrines because it is a ceiling with a single piece of square board stuck between latticed trees.
Some of them have a colorful painting on the board.
This is one of the characteristics often found in Tokyo-style public baths and dressing rooms, and it has a feeling of freedom, coupled with the height of the ceiling.

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