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"Advantage of a Sento" The 4th thoughtfulness is a pleasant King of open-air bath · Sekihara "Hottodan"

  • 2017年8月25日
  • January 25, 2022

Speaking of open-air bath, it is one of the real thrill of travel. In a rocking bath with a feeling of liberation, while looking at the green, I had a chill ....
The outdoor bath which can feel the taste of such a trip is in the public bath in the middle of the shopping street.
This time, I will introduce "Hotta Yu" that I want to go to various seasons.

A home town shopping street sento

7 minutes on foot from Nishiarai station.
It is in "the first town shopping street", simple appearance.
Is it on the wall beside the entrance? There is a colorful pastry paper that looks like something fun.
Seasonal news such as portraits of celebrities with tasty hand-drawn, sports such as baseball and sumo, politics and entertainment, honorable expectations of well-reputed horse races are packed, and it is like a concentrated mini sports newspaper.
This "Weekly Horita Yuu Wall Newspaper", actually handmade by Megami Genki Horita Sumiko!
Every week since 30 years ago, it is drawing almost indispensable. It is also pasted on the dressing room.
The lobby is cozy as at home.
On the showcase of bathing goods such as shampoo and soap, I found the signature and photograph of Aya Ueto in 10's.
It is unique only in public baths on television.


▲ Lobby featuring a homey atmosphere
▲ Female general's handmade "Weekly Hotta Yudogyo Shimbun"

Enjoy the scenery of the four seasons with a boastful open-air bath

Founding of Hotta Yu Showa 23 (1947) year.
My husband, Mr. Isao is the second generation.
It is said that in June last year it was closed for one month due to earthquake-proof construction, correcting the distortion of the beam near the ceiling of the bathroom.

The hot water reputed as soft is boiled well water with firewood. The wall of the boat hall is brick built with seasons, it seems to be from before the war.
Every morning, the lady guard sweeps and it is the master 's job to turn on the fire.
While looking at the chimney that started to climb the smoke, I'm likely to be proud, saying, "I do not burn if there is not a chimney."

In winter, making a potted pot in a pot and acting as a customer is a poetry.
It seems that there are also cases where you ordered red rainbow from Kyushu.

▶ Mr. Atsushi of 2nd generation

Well, back inside.
The outdoor bath is located on the left side facing the front desk.
Because men's bath and female hot water are changed for one week, we recommend you to check on the homepage of Horita-yu before going.

When you enter the bathroom, you jump into your eyes, a vivid cherry blossom tile picture in front.
It was convincing that it was used for shooting fashion magazines.

The tile painting on the right bathroom is Ukiyoe in Utagawa Hiroshige "Senju Ohashi Bridge".
While watching Shibu ~ I painting, traveling to Edo is also dangerous.
I also recommend genuine-oriented chemicals. You float an orange on the net, and dried your wormwood that your husband has taken and finely chopped yogoto.
It seems that the water bath is also popular.


And there was a door behind the left hand, a big open-air bath!

In the rock bath surrounded by trees, various birds sing along overhead branches during the day, and looking up at the starry sky at night, enjoy the relaxing journey feeling!

Various trees, from Yuzu, Plum, Sato Nishiki, Tsubaki, Roses, etc., vary from fruits to beautiful flowers, and show different landscapes from season to season.
In November, my husband arranges the chrysanthemums that my husband has put in and it will entertain the eyes.

Amazingly, it is a splendid summer turtle big tree (!).
We harvested fruits in March and gifts for customers. It seems that 600 can be taken this year.


A relieved breath in the hot water

A breath felt relieved with a flower lived in a dressing room in a yukata.

The vase seems to be a ceramic art work by the lady general.
The treasure ship on the locker and the figurines of Mont Saint Michel are also made by the lady general.
Familiar thoughts frown in a warm and hearty mind.

Pictures of the Senju Thermal Power Station commonly known as "ghost chimney" (dismantled in Showa 39) are also decorated, you can bear in mind the mysterious figure that looks like 1 to 4 depending on the angle.

"I am glad that you can say that it feels good because I am trying to make you feel better," said the lady general.
Why do people trying to aim at the afternoon at 8:00 am to midnight when the lady general is at the front desk when someone says the scary image of the female principal?




▲ Numerous ceramic art pieces by female general like vases and objects. Cute candy putting in the front heart shaped

Points of use

  • Hand-held OK (hand-held set, many bathing goods)
  • Bathroom equipped = body wash, rinse in shampoo
  • Type of bath = outdoor bath, bathing bath, electric bath, sleeping bath, jet bath, body massage, shoulder massage, chemicals, sauna (200 yen with bath towel)
  • Dressing room = Massager (¥ 10 / ¥ 100)

"Hotta yu"

■ Address: Sekihara 3-20-14
■ Phone number: 03-3852-4126
■ Business hours: 3 pm - midnight
■ Closed holiday: Friday
■ Transportation: 7 minutes on foot from Tobu Sky Tree Line "Nishiarai Station", parking lot available

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