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About recruitment of "Adachi Tourism Net" repair business consignment business

The Adachi City Tourism Exchange Association is looking for a repair business consignment company for "Adachi Tourism Net".

In addition, about the decision of the business operator, it will be selected by the simplified proposal method based on the "Adachi City Tourism Exchange Association Proposal Method Implementation Guidelines".
Summary is as follows.Detail is"Publication on proposal recruitmentPlease see the PDF file.

Business name

"Adachi Tourism Net" repair work consignment

Business content

As per the attached specifications (draft)

Performance period

From the contract conclusion date to March 31, 4th year of Reiwa (Thursday)

Delivery period and method of manuals, etc.

○ delivery period
From January 25, 3rd year of Reiwa to Wednesday, February 17, 3rd year of Reiwa
* Delivery at the association window is from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

○ delivery method
Download from this page or deliver directly at the association window

How to submit participation statement and time limit

○ How to submit
Bring to the following place to submit

○ deadline
Until 5:00 pm on Thursday, February 18, 3rd year of Reiwa (must arrive)
* From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding weekends and holidays

○ Submission place
Adachi City Tourism and Exchange Association
 Adachi City Office South Building 4F, 1-17-1, Chuo-honcho, Adachi-ku, 120-8510
Person in charge: Tourism Design Division Suzuki, Nemoto


○ Manual (PDF)

○ Specifications (draft) (PDF)

〇List of essential repair requirements (PDF)

Participation Statement (PDF)/Statement of Participation (Word)

Technical data (PDF)/Technical data (Word)