Instagram campaign “#2023 Adachi Fireworks”

  • June 23, 2023

We are looking for photos that convey the charm of "Adachi Fireworks"

The long-awaited "Adachi Fireworks".
We will carry out a fireworks x hashtag campaign because we want to bring excitement to the restart of fireworks for the first time in four years together with everyone.

Tourism Exchange Association Instagram Official Account

Notice regarding application

Please read and agree to the following terms and conditions before applying. At the time of application, it will be considered that you have agreed.

"#2023 Adachi Fireworks" Submission Rules

Application method

① Take a picture of this year's "Adachi Fireworks"
② Post the photo you took with "# 2023 Adachi Fireworks"
* Please download the Instagram app in advance and create your own public account.

Application period

From Saturday 22 July 2023, 4:00pm to Sunday 30 July 2023


We will select 10 people by lottery from among those who applied, and give them a rice set (2kg of each city) from Adachi's friendship cities (Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, Yamanouchi Town, Nagano Prefecture, Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture). 


"The 45th Adachi Fireworks" special page is here!

Adachi Fireworks is the first large-scale fireworks display to be held in Tokyo in late July.
The 45th Adachi Fireworks Festival, for the first time in four years, will launch about 15,000 fireworks over the Arakawa riverbed in just one hour.
Please enjoy numerous and powerful fireworks.