Ogiso café

  • Ogiso café
  • Ogiso café
  • Ogiso café
  • Ogiso café

Nostalgic and new fashionable cafe

Reopened in September 2021. A local construction company renovated an old house, turning the second floor into an office and the first floor into a cafe. You can enjoy different atmospheres depending on where you sit in the deep shop, which utilizes the structure of the house as it is. All sweets are homemade. They are particular about tableware, and have a lineup of menus that match the atmosphere of the café, such as melon soda and classic pudding. While seeing the polite work of the Israeli chef Shari and the staff, having a little conversation is one of the fun.

Furiganaオウギソウ カフェ
Address3-8-15 Ogi, Adachi Google map
Business hours11:00~18:00
Regular holidayMondays / Thursdays / Fridays
Seat20 seats
Access5-min walk from Nippori-Toneri Liner Koya Station East Exit

* The content of this page is based on the article "From this year's latest cake to that taste of local specialty! I want to eat patisserie & cafe sweets!".
* This information is as of December 17, 2021.

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