Toneri Suwa-jinja Shrine

  • Toneri Suwa-jinja Shrine
Name of facility Toneri Suwa-jinja Shrine
Overview The shrine is dedicated to Takeminakata-no-Mikoto. It would be managed by Toneri Saimon-ji temple in the Edo period, but now is maintained and managed by the Toneri town community. The main shrine built in 1836, which has splendid carvings, has been registered as Adachi tangible cultural properties. The shrine is related to the story of "the Kenaga River". Long ago, a young woman who came to marry a man in Toneri from Niisato village (current Soka city, the other side on the river), killed herself in the river due to discord between her and her mother-in-law, and her husband also followed her. Her long hair has been found from the river, so it is said that the river was called "Kenaga-gawa". The main building of Toneri Suwa Shrine was built diagonally to the right (the southeast) toward the torii gate in order to comfort the couple's spirit, because Suwa Shrine enshrined the spirit of the man and Nissato Kenaga Shrine enshrined the spirit of the woman, it was built facing each other.
Address 2-15-25 Toneri Adachi
Access 7 min. walk from Minumadai-shinsuikōen Station of Nippori Toneri Liner
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