Senju Nagura Clinic

Name of facilitySenju Nagura Clinic
Overview​ ​"Senju no Nagura" is known throughout the country as a synonym of bonesetter. The Nagura family moved to Senju in the middle of the Edo period, and Yajibe (1750-1828) in the fourth generation became a bonesetter and started business. He was revered as the ancestor of the family business by his descendants who have taken over it for generations. It is said that it became famous when the 7th generation took over. During its peak in the Taisho period, from 300 to 500 patients came here in a day, and the road was filled with patients with fractures and dislocation who were carried on a board or in a basket at dawn. Patients coming from a distance or seriously injured people stayed at a special inn nearby and received treatment. Even after "medical system" was enacted in 1874, they have carried on the family business and still exist as an orthopedic clinic now.
Address5-22-1 Senju Adachi
Access15 min. walk from Kita-Senju Station (West Exit) of Tobu Skytree Line, JR, Tokyo Metro, and Tsukuba Express
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