Myoo-in temple (Aka-Fudo)

  • Myoo-in temple (Aka-Fudo)
  • Myoo-in temple (Aka-Fudo)
  • Myoo-in temple (Aka-Fudo)
  • Myoo-in temple (Aka-Fudo)
Name of facilityMyoo-in temple (Aka-Fudo)
OverviewIt is a temple of the Buzan school of Shingon sect and is called Mantokusan Bairinji Myoo-in termple. It was founded by the third son of Minamoto-no Tameyoshi in 1178 and the principal image is Kantoku Fudo Myoo. During the Edo period, it became a dining place (resting place) for Tokugawa Shogunate and the temple estate of 13 koku was bestowed. Since the Fudo-do (main hall) was painted in vermilion, it was called Aka Fudo and has been worshiped by common people in Edo. The current hall was rebuilt in 1973. There are also Eko-do hall, a bell tower, and Tenman-gu shrine in the precincts. The sitting statue of Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu enshrined in Fudo-do, is a Buddha that fulfills wishes such as prolonging life and good fortune with Nyoihoju jewel and Horin wheel symble. It has the inscription of 1369 year and been designated as Tokyo Metropolitan cultural property.
Address4-15-30 Umeda Adachi
Access15 min. walk from Umejima Station of Tobu Skytree Line
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Contact​ ​03-3852-7378
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