KiKi Kitasenju

It is an old folk house cafe that deals in daily necessities and art, and is close to everyday life.

The cafe made from a renovated 90-year-old private house has full of Japanese taste and warmth.

It is run by two couples who design a lifestyle called "KiKi".

The interior is elaborately designed by the designer, and the menu with the concept of the original tea leaves "tea that makes time" is attractive.

"Special KiKi parfait" is recommended on hot days!

It is recommended to make a reservation using the LINE app when visiting (search for "kiki Kitasenju" in the app).

FuriganaKiki Kita Senju
Address1-16-2 Senjuazuma, Adachi-ku Google map
Business hours12:00-17:00 (LO 16:30), Friday also opens bar time19:00-22:00 (LO 21:30)
Regular holidayTuesdays / Wednesdays
ReservationAvailable (Reservations can be made on the official LINE)
Takeaway bookingAvailable
Seat9 seats
Access8-min. walk from JR Joban Line and others Kita-Senju West Exit
Barrier-freeNot available
Wi-Fi connectionNone
Measures against new coronavirusThorough employees' washing hands, wearing a mask, rearranging seats to social distance specifications, thorough ventilation, and disinfecting hands and fingers when customers enter the shop.

* The content of this page is based on the article "Feel cool" Senju, Summer day gourmet".
* This information is as of July 7, 2022.

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