Authentic Indian curry you want to eat many times

Using 15 to 16 kinds of spices, you can eat curry that is finished to Japanese taste while making the best use of the authentic taste. You can change the spiciness of the curry from sweet to super-hot, so even people who are not good at spicy foods can enjoy it. The naan baked in a charcoal-grilled oven is slightly sweet and goes well with spicy curry. Salads with homemade dressings that can be eaten at lunch sets are also popular.

Address足立区青井3-5-26-102 Google map
Business hours11:00-15:00 (LO14:30) / 17:00-22:00 (LO21:50)
Regular holidayThe 1st and 3rd Mondays and dinner time on the 2nd and 4th Mondays
Seat36 seats
Access5-min. walk from Tsukuba Express Aoi Station West Exit

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