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Toneri Park Senbonzakura Festival (2024)

舎人公園 千本桜まつり(2024)は終了しました。


[Date and time] March 23rd (Sat) and March 24th (Sun), 10:00am to 4:00pm
[Venue] Toritsu Toneri Park (immediate from Nippori-Toneri Liner Toneri-Koen Station)


Booth introduction

/////Event information will be updated from time to time/////


Adachi Seiwa Shinkin Bank and local businesses, restaurants, etc. will collaborate to sell proud products! We also have a kitchen car corner that was very popular last year, so take this opportunity to support your local community while enjoying shopping and gourmet food!


On display will be panels introducing Toneri Park's changes, its role as a disaster prevention park, its disaster prevention facilities, the history of the metropolitan park that celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2023, and a PR video introducing Toneri Park's facilities.


Volunteers will provide explanations about wild birds, panel displays, classes on how to use binoculars and telescopes, and observation sessions.


Very popular with children! You can take commemorative photos with real police cars and motorcycles.


Mascot character appearance
Toden mascot character “Toaran” and Toei bus mascot character “Minkuru” will appear in the park! Let's take a commemorative photo together!
10:30am, 12:30pm
11:30am, 1:30pm

Times may change due to weather and other circumstances.
*About 15 minutes each. Canceled in case of rain.
Contact: Toei Transportation Customer Center
TEL 03-3816-5700 (9am to 8pm, open all year round)


Time: From 10:30am to 3:00pm
Display and public relations of fire engines.
“VR disaster prevention experience car”23rd (Sat) only *Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10am (limited number).
You can participate in disaster prevention training with a sense of realism, using 3D images using the latest technology and effects such as shaking, wind pressure, and heat.
"Super Ambulance"*24th (Sun) only *May be canceled depending on the situation on the day.
A large special ambulance arrives!
You can actually ride it and take a look inside.
The body expands from side to side, making it useful as a first aid station at disaster sites.


Please enjoy wonderful live performances by everyone in the area.


Time:Until 3pm (break from noon to 1pm)
Exhibition of living creatures and sales of their original goods.
*The museum shop will be open without breaks.


PR exhibitions and workshops by various organizations in Adachi City.


Time: Ends as soon as sold out
There are many product exhibitions and food stands organized by Adachi City's Friendship Municipalities, neighborhood associations, and neighborhood self-governing body.

日時 3/23(土)、3/24(日)各日10時~



Time:23rd (Sat) only until around noon (ends when sold out)

Direct sales of flowers, vegetables, and fruits by organizations affiliated with Kita-Adachi Market, the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market.


Register your Adachi City LINE official account and participate in the stamp rally! If you collect all the stamps, you will receive a wonderful product. Additionally, there will be a chance for 5 people to win special products from Adachi City's Friendship Municipalities through a lottery!


Street performers show their various performances in different parts of the park.

Request to all visitors

★The parking lot will be very crowded on the day of the event, so please come by public transportation or bicycle.

★Thank you for your cooperation in holding an environmentally friendly event.
Please bring your own bag to put purchased items, flyers in.
A "garbage station" has been set up at the venue. We ask for your cooperation in separating your trash.
We also ask for your cooperation in using and collecting reused tableware. Next to the garbage station, we have set up a reusable tableware collection area.

★Go to SDGs event
At the Toneri Park Senbonzakura Festival, we are implementing environmentally friendly initiatives.

★Please take measures to prevent your bicycle or helmet from being stolen.
Bicycles are increasingly being stolen without locking them.
When parking your bicycle, please be sure to lock it.
Also, please take measures to prevent theft, such as putting a wire lock on your helmet.


Toritsu Toneri Park (1-1 Toneri Koen Adachi)

Venue Access

On the day of the event, the nearby parking lots will be very crowded, so please use public transportation.

Train information

Get off at Nippori-Toneri Liner “Toneri-Koen”

Bus information

[From Takenotsuka Station West Exit (bus stop)]
 Tobu bus  
Take the bus bound for Iriya Circulation or Iriya Toneri Circulation and get off at "Nakairiya"

[From Nishiarai Station West Exit (bus stop)]
 Tobu bus  
Take the bus bound for Ryutsu Center and get off at "Nakairiya"

 Community bus Harukaze  
Take the bus bound for Minumadai-shinsuikoen Station and get off at Toneri-Koen Station.

Sponsored by: Adachi City Tourism and Exchange Association, Adachi City, Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Construction, Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Supported by: Kita Adachi Market Association, Adachi City Federation of Neighborhood Associations and Neighborhood Associations, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Adachi Branch, Adachi City Shopping District Promotion Association, Adachi City Industrial Association Federation, Adachi Seiwa Shinkin Bank, J:COM Adachi

Cooperation: Takenotsuka Police Station, Nishiarai Police Station, Nishiarai Fire Department