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【Recommendation of Sado Bunko】 The 9th blue tile's beautiful "Nenpoizu"

  • 2018年12月26日
  • January 25, 2022

It is almost time for me to take a bath. If you warm up slowly, the strength of your solid shoulder will escape and you will be able to smile yourself and yourself. This time I will introduce the sento to enter the steam sauna without additional charge.



In the dignified towering chimney, the letter of "Nanbanbu" which can be clearly seen at a distance. I am thrilled with the presence that makes me feel Showa retro.

It appeared under the chimney, a bright blue roof tile in an old-fashioned palace building.
It seems that it attracts for a while to its beauty. Below the roof is a symbol of longevity, a crane's splendid fish fish (Bogushi: one of architectural decorations) as well.

"The tile is blue from the time it was built, probably because it is beautiful," it is Yoshiaki Yamazaki, the second generation owner.
It seems that you are using one of the three provinces of Japan's three major roof tiles (Matsuri giraffe), you can feel the prejudice's prejudice.
Founding was Showa 43 years. In the past this neighborhood was a farmhouse and a field of fields.
Of that, it seems that it became difficult to continue farming, changed jobs one after another, and the public bath was also one of those job chances.

Roof tile inside the building? What? Also pay attention to nostalgic sentient items at the dressing room!


There are many windows at the entrance, bright feeling of relaxation. Frosted glass with leaf pattern is wonderful.
When entering the lobby it is front in front.
Behind them are you? Even though it is inside the building, there is also a blue tile roof ...!
It is a somewhat mysterious Japanese world that fits perfectly with a splendid roof overhead like a temple.
What is under the roof tile is fun from entering the bathroom.
The dressing room is spacious enough. Calm down because wood is used a lot.
Looking outside the glass door of old-fashioned wooden frame is a small, green lush Japanese garden. If you look at the boat, the healing effect is outstanding.
Locker is a type that puts 100 yen and locks.
It seems that we switched it several years ago as a measure to lose the key.
Do not forget to collect 100 yen coin on your way home.
For those troublesome to use 100 yen coin, only 5 in the bottom right are types that do not need coins.
The old regulars seems to be troublesome for lockers, and he seems to be using a familiar rattan cage.
Next to the rattan basket is a retro weight scale of public bathtub (?).
Looking from the bathroom, the back of the dial is a cute little hot spring mark, but there is a reason for this.
Actually, since the weighing indication comes out on the back side, it seems that it is attached with blindfold so that other people do not know the weight.
There are flowers and green potted plants in front of the mirror, cleanliness is also perfect and a delicate feeling is gentle.




Five kinds of baths and daily changing chemicals, steam sauna to shine

Adachi-sento-no-susumeInside the bathroom is white, with a mosaic tile painting of European mountains drawn on the wall of Callan, a refreshing impression.
Well, although it is the essential hot water, boiling water well water, so it is soft per skin.
You can soak slowly.

There are 5 kinds of baths.
"Super esthetic bath" is a powerful jet which seems to be drained, and it is popular with regulars as it works for stiff shoulders.
Next to that is a "body massage bath" that will make the whole body jammed with a jet, "a seatbath", a state-of-the-art "electric bath", all seems to be good for the body.

You can enjoy the aroma and efficacy of herbs, such as rosemary & marjoram, "drinks" on a daily basis.
Ideal for warming the temperature of the hot water at 42 ° C. The chemical is set to 39 ° C which is slightly lower so that it can be put in slowly.


And, under the blue tile roof seen from the lobby - the room of the steam sauna.
It seems that the temperature is high as it uses firewood, and the sauna lover is also very satisfied.
That is how it can be used without any additional charge.

Chill in the lobby sofa in the hot water

Vending machine drinks are all 100 yen worth purse.
Especially when you enter the sauna, have enough hydration.
The beautiful scenery pictures on the wall near the sofa entertain the eyes.
It is said that all the husbands have taken pictures with hobby trips with only spectacular items such as flower fields and mountains on one side. Of course, you can spend a moment of taking a bath in a well-appointed space as well as being clean.


"Point of use"

Front formula
● Type of bath = 2 types of jet, electric bath, sitting bath, chemical, stand shower, steam sauna (no extra charge)
● Equipped Bathroom = Body Soap, Rinse In Shampoo (Free) · Dressing Room = Handy Dryer (20 yen), Ottoman Drier · Lobby = Blood Pressure Monitor (Free)
● Sales = Towel 100 yen, burnishing 500 yen. Used soap, shampoo, rinse etc.


■ Address: 3-10-2 Nishiarai Adachi-ku
■ Phone number: 03-3897-2641
■ Business hours: 4 pm - 11 pm
■ Closed holiday: Tuesday
※ At the end of the year, it is normal business until 31st, closed on New Year's Day, only morning bath (2am to 8pm noon), 3rd and 4th day off, normal from 5th
■ Transportation: 15 minutes on foot from the Tobu line "Takenotsuka" station, or from "Nishiarai station" on the community bus "Harukaze" on the Nishiarai / Saints Line until "Third Estate East"

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