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"Recommendation of a Sento Bido" 7th Hot Springs Disabled Barrier-Free Sentan "Ohira-yu"

  • May 2, 2018
  • January 25, 2022

In addition to relaxing our mind and body, we also introduce public baths, Ojiriyu, with walking hot springs effective in maintaining muscular strength.



Founded in 1960, renewed in 2001.
It is the architect Kentaro Imai who designed it.
Recently I've been handling a number of boom designers' public baths a lot, but in reality Ojiryu is said to be the forerunner.

Next to the entrance is the sunshade curtain which was dyed out as "dream".
The illustration of the female hot water beside that also has the character of "Yumebu", which increases expectation.

When entering the automatic door, there is no step and a refreshing passage will welcome you.
"The public bath where the elderly people and weak people come are not to lose steps," said Mr. Yoshida Kensen, the husband's thoroughness to make the barrier-free, its attention to the lobby, the dressing room, the bathroom It is.



Enjoy the hot tub with a hot spring feeling and the biggest "walking bath" in Tokyo!

The bathtub is also characteristic.
The bathtub of a public bath is commonly shaped to enter in the same way as a house, but the bathtub of Ochiriyu is lower than the floor surface and it is like a hot spring.
I thought about the gaze of people immersed in hot water, "It is only this that you can taste the hot spring feeling" It seems that it sticks to the design. "Sento close to a distant hot spring" and Ms. Yoshida.
The affection for the sento and the customer is transmitted.


"Walking hot water" is only in female water.
There are also 15 m in length, 3 m in width and 90 cm in depth, so it seems that this is the only big walking water in Tokyo's public bath.
It is easy to put muscular strength by walking underwater with buoyancy and resistance, so I recommend it to those who want to improve the function of the feet.
When Mr. Kiyoko got into trouble with Mr. Kiyoko, when he started walking underwater at the swimming club, he seems to have devised it from experience that it became painful and became able to walk.
Once a month (4th Wednesday, from 19 o'clock to 21 o'clock), a gymnastic classroom by instructors is also held, and you can tell me how to walk properly.

Not only facilities but also hot water boiling well water are popular.
It adjusts by increasing the temperature too much so as not to break the particles, so it is pleased that per skin is soft.


Drinks and meals are served at the counter in the hot water lounge


In a hot water lounge, take a break in a large lobby.
The shiny floor of wood grain and the massive massive wooden table are perfect for relaxing comfortably in a hot water lounge.
Not only is it wide, there is a real kitchen counter.
The menu is enriched from soft drinks, alcohol, shaved ice and snacks to firm meals.
Your husband himself shakes his arm in front of you. The chewy boiled curry boiled one day.
The opening hours of the kitchen are uncertain, but those who want to eat the dishes are available after the evening where the husband is present.




Points of use
● Types of baths = Jet, Vibrator, Bathing Bath, Steam Bath (Female), Outdoor Bath (Male), Standing Shower
● Bathroom = body soap, rinse in shampoo (free) · Dressing room = hair dryer (3 minutes 20 yen), massage chair (3 minutes 10 yen) · lobby = sphygmomanometer (free)
● Rental towel (large and small set) 150 yen

- Hand set set 260 yen (towel, shampoo, rinse, shaving, toothbrush) Other, soap, shaving, toothbrush, etc.

In the lobby, illustration of Ohira-yu painted by illustrator Nakada Eri living in Adachi-ku also

Set of rent towels (large and small set) 150 yen
If you look closely at the desk and chair on which the blood pressure monitor is placed ...?

■ Address: 6-21-3 Aoki Adachi-ku
■ Phone number: 03-3887-4564
■ Business Hours: 2:30 pm - 0:00 am * Sunday from 8 am - noon (morning) / 3 p.m. - midnight
■ Closed holiday: Monday (in the case of holiday, next Tuesday)
■ Transportation: 9 minutes on foot from the Tsukuba Express "Aoi" station, or 3 minutes on foot from the Tobu Sky Tree Line "Goteno" station by bus "Aoi 6-chome"

Kamiizu knowledge 【Karan】

In the early Showa era, "Karan" appeared in the washroom hot spring water.
Until then, I went to Mr. Nomoto to put a hot water in a tub, or I was drawing a lump of water by myself.
The etymology is Dutch crane = Kuran.
It seems that it came because the long pipe was similar to the shape of the cranes from the neck to the head.

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