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"Advise Sento 's Recommendation" The sixth fashionable book & cafe! What? Botanical public bath "Okada-yu"

  • 2018年3月6日
  • January 25, 2022

​ ​Botanical public bathJust asking "- what a fascinating sounding.
As its name suggests, healing space surrounded by plantsOkada Yu "I'd like to introduce_______

Okada-yu reborn as fashionable


"Okada Yu" which the character of the large "Yu" at the top of the 4-story building is eye-catching even from the main street.
Early Showa era was established in Ishikawa Prefecture.
The original building was a retro look of a chimney on the roof tiles, but Hiroki Okada, the third generation, renewed the road in front of the building.
Born in March 2011 as a new relaxation facility.

The sento is on the 2nd and 3rd floor. You can go upstairs on the second floor by stairs or elevator.
A tall wooden shelf occupies the wall right on the right side of the entrance, and books and figurines, photographs etc. are decorated in a well-balanced manner, just like a stylish book & cafe.
It is a space that I'm afraid to murmuring as "Well, it really is a public bath?"
Overhead, Mt. Fuji and cherry blossom prints with a small presence while small.
Also the work of Heather Brown, a famous surf artist living in Hawaii.
"Talking about a public bath would be Mt. Fuji," the master.
It seems that he bought it instead of Mt. Fuji in the bathroom.



"Botanical public bath" spreading space of healing

In Okada-yu, we pass the key of the shoe box and receive the key of the locker locker.
Pay bathing fee at front desk and have key exchanged.
For women,The thorough cleansing is being sold​ ​
When you think about going out on the go, it is convenient because it gets dragged by hand.
Of course, we have all sorts of things necessary, such as selling towels, rental (charged).

The clothing floor has a slightly narrow but bright and clean feeling.
When you open the door of the bathroom with expectation in mind, it is a healing paradise that is spreading there.

A number of planters are placed on the catwalk, which is set around the bathroom, and the leaves of the plant are freshly coloring the space.
Some unusual things like Uruboruza.
Because the floor of the bathtub area is also wooden, we will welcome you gently without hurrying.

There are two bathtubs, the circle on the left is a silky bath of "Hinoki bath".
It looks slightly white and cloudy, not microbubbles but bathing agents.
Ultra fine bubbles of about 1 / 100th of a millimeter are gentle to the skin and warm body from the core with a little tepid hot water.
Because it seems to remove dirt and waste matter of pores, it is perfect for beauty!

The right square tub uses "solar bath" warmed by using solar heat.
In the light entering from the ground glass full of frosted glass, it is luxurious to indulge in plenty of hot water somewhat hot while watching the green of the leaves.

In the daytime it is a paradise feeling bathroom, but it seems that it will become a secret hot-spring wind with light that kept as low as possible at night.


Okada Yu is not only apparent, but also hot water is soft water soft for the body.
Since it uses purified water for well water, it does not only make it tingling, but it also seems to be popular as the skin warms up suddenly.
Especially recommended for dry skin people.

The right side of the bathtub area is a washroom, and the floor here is a tile.
There are two types of chairs, high and low, so you can use it as you like.
The shower has a switch also in the head part, it is an excellent one that can be used only by the operation at hand.
There is also a dry sauna (charged) in the back of the washing room.
There is a staircase just before that.
"As a stairway to the bath?", Looking up slowly, you can see the whole bathroom and enjoy the magical healing scenery like being in the botanical garden.

The loft on the stairs is limited to women's bath.
There are two types of pot-shaped bathtub for one person, a water bath and a carbonated spring.
Since the carbonated spring is 37 ~ 38 ℃ and lukewarmly acidic, it is ideal for relaxing and detoxifying by immersing relaxedly. Please take a bath after a steam sauna (free) at the door next door.


After refreshing with hot water and greenery, we had a break in the lobby.


Proceeding to the back of the front, there is a space full of relaxation like a colonnade library!
To relax on the sofa, it is also fun to talk with family and friends on the dig table of the low table.
There is also a massage chair (chargeable) in the corner.

On the wall of chic mosaic, the picture of Okada-yu before renewal is decorated.
The tiled roof, chimney and old curran, etc are felt nostalgically in the form baked in black and white photographs.

There is a beer server at the counter.
Ebisu draft beer (400 yen) is available.
If you set a beer and bathing fee set ticket (810 yen) you can earn 50 yen.

There is also a smoke-free space in the loft which is completely smoked so it is good to be able to relax smokers as well.




Points of use
● Front formula
● Temperature of hot water =Hinoki bath 40 ~ 41 ℃, solar bath 42 ~ 43 ℃, carbonated spring 37 ~ 38 ℃
● Sauna · steam sauna free,Dry sauna 200 yen
Drinks (such as soap, shavings, toothbrush etc) such as cleansing (used up) 30 yen, towels 130 yen (small), 270 yen (large), towel for rent 50 yen, towel set 400 yen (towel, shampoo, rinse) Ebisu draft beer 400 yen <bathing set 810 yen>, knob 100 yen, various soft drinks)
※ There is a rinse in shampoo and a body soap installed also in the bathroom

"Okada Yu"
■ Address: 3-43-2 Sekihara, Adachi-ku
■ Phone number: 03-3886-3444
■ Business hours: 2 pm - 11:45 pm
■ Closed holiday: Monday
■ Transportation: 12 minutes on foot from Tobu Sky Tree Line "Nishiarai Station"

Knowledge of the public bathtan 【length of goodwill】

Speaking of a symbol of a public bath is a goodwill, but its length and shape are different depending on the area.
Tokyo is short (40 to 50 cm) in length, 5 in front, Osaka is long in height (130 cm), and 3 in the front is common.
The main reason is the difference in the building.
As Osaka enters the entrance as soon as there is a series and a clothing hall, a long goodwill plays a role of blindfold.
Meanwhile, the entrance to the public bath in Tokyo has a wide entrance space, the door and the destination is a dressing room.
Also, goodwill is chiseled to splash up with one hand, so it is made shorter.

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