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"Advantage of Sento" 5th Mania gathers! What? The remaining public bath · Ayase "Tamanou" of "Phantom kerorin"

  • 2018年1月15日
  • January 25, 2022

This season when the body gets shrunk due to the cold, becoming a stupid stoop.
I miss the warmth of steam.
Let's warm up with plenty of bath in the public bath and let the body feel relieved.
This time I will introduce you to Ayase StationIt is "Tamanou"​ ​

Building type public bath with popular goodwill (goodwill) marked


The building type public bath located on the first floor of the apartment facing the main street, welcoming goodwill welcomes you with a welcome atmosphere full throttle.
This goodwill just recently renewed this June.
Formerly it was a goodwill of Shibui dyeing with a classic public bath, but after renewal it became a bright and pop design.

I worked on designing goodwillIllustrator · Mesopo Tadamiya FumiakiAccording to the shop's name, she seemed to put on a smile like a circle and a ball that imaged bubbles of bubble.
Tamane water character of Mesopo Tadashi Miya's drawing drawn on the lower right is plenty of charm.


When I renewed to the current design, I grasped the hearts of the children passing through before and I heard that the number of parents and children has increased.
"Because the goodwill is a signboard of a store after all"And the owner'sKoichi HottaIs also a niccoli.


Lucky to meet you! What? Phantom "White Kerolin"

The foundation of Tamanoyu was in 1965.
It is the forerunner of a building public bath that the pre-order bought in 1945 and it rebuilt from the wooden building to the present building in Heisei 3.
The inside is the lobby of the front formula. The bathroom is clean and has a reputation as a beautiful public bath.

Looking at the trough which is stacked at the edge, I notice a strange thing.
Although it is a "Kerolin" specialty of a public bath, is that different in color?
It is not the yellow of the trademark, it is white.

"White Kerolin", in fact, a visionary item that is talking about among Sento manias​ ​

The tub used in public baths was wooden in old days, but because of mold growing and dirt easily attached, plastic made popular.
The first kerolin tub was uncolored whiteAlthough it was easy to get dirty, it was changed to yellow the following year.
In other words,White kerolin is a very rare one which is sold only for one yearwhether you can see or not.

Why so rare rare white kerolin, a lot in Tamanoyu?Hotta discovered that he slept a lot in the warehouse when rebuilding."If you are pleased with the customer"I heard that he started using it.
The public bath with a lot of white kerolin is rare, for this purposeThere are also Sento fans who visit from afarThat's right.

Because the tub is rotated by three teams of male and female hot water and disinfection holidays,It is up to you to meet white kerorin​ ​
If you luckily hit the White Kerorin Day, it seems that you will be closely watching.


White Yellow Kerolin Bin

Boasting 'Negative ion water' hot water for moist skin


The biggest attraction of Tamanoyu is hot water.
Because it uses minus ion water which filtered well water, the skin of the hot water is moist. It seems that water particles are fine and dirt easily falls.

The bathtub is simple, but it is popular with twice the monthly change of hot water such as jasmine.
Especially fruit hot water is apple, citrus fruits, aloe, others, various fruits up to pineapple, boldly luxuriously put in hot water!

Sauna with bath towels, hand towels and a drink of a hot water.

Hydro-ion spray is placed in the female dressing room and can be used instead of make-up water as the bath rises.
Even in the bathroom or the dressing room, I'm glad that it is a skin-friendly bathhouse.

Tom youthTom youth

Also looking at the lobby colored paper as the bath rises!


When I got up from the bath, I had a rest on the sofa in the lobby. There are lots of colored paper on the walls looking up from there!
Natsukuchi,A comer who is living from Adachi-ku · Boku Waku San,Maspo Tadanomiya FumiakiAlso of.
Mr. Poison SouThe colored paper ofThing when radio broadcast from Tamanouso,"Sento does not betray"I am reliable with such a hot message.

It was decorated on another side wallPictures of Mt. FujiMust see. Mr. Masuo Nakajima of the Sento background artistbyAuthentic mini-senta picturewhether you can see or not.
Here is the same thing as Mt. Fuji drawn on the whole wall of the bathroom, drawn for event sale.
Because the wall of Tamanoyu can not paint painting with tile, he seems to have bought by Horita instead.
Unlike the bathroom, there is no deterioration due to steam, so it is good to be able to see it beautifully forever.

Mt. Fuji

Points of use
● Lobby type
● Hand-held OK
● Hand set (shampoo · rinse, soap, razor, toothbrush, towel) 250 yen
● Towel for rent (small) Free
● Equipped with bathroom = rinse in shampoo, body soap
● Temperature of hot water = 42 ℃
Dressing room = hair dryer (3 minutes 20 yen), massage chair (15 minutes 100 yen)

Hand set

■ Address: 2-37-4 Ayase Adachi-ku
■ Phone number: 03-3602-2430
■ Business hours: 2 pm - 11 pm
■ Closed holiday: Friday
■ Transportation: Chiyoda Line "Ayase Station" 6 minutes on foot

Tamanoyu Vertical Vertical

Tamanou sauna


Knowledge of public baths [Kerorin Truck]

Do you know that the size of the tub is different in Kansai and Kanto?
In the Kansai area there is a bathtub in the middle, there is a habit of drinking hot water from a bathtub and shedding the body, so it is heavy and heavy when the tub is big.
Therefore, the Kansai pail is slightly smaller.

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