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"Advantage of Sado Bathu" 3rd skin cranes! King of soft water · Gotando "Wakamatsuyu"

  • 2017年5月12日
  • January 25, 2022

Speaking of the image of a public bath, it is a painting of Mt. Fuji on a pure Japanese style tile roof, but the charm of a public bath is not the only one.
It is something you want to be comfortable with.
This time,"Hot soft water" hot waterso"Your skin will be slippery!"I am captivating women" (Takiko) "Wakamatsu-yuWe will introduce you!


Tobuto Sky Tree Line "Wakamatsu-yu" at about 6 minutes from Goteno Station.
Although the entrance is on the first floor of the building, the entrance is somewhat recessed from the street, and it seems to pass by when it is inadvertent.
​ ​As I often say, at the time of the event I am climbing (lol)"Tomotaka Yamada, the second generation husband.
IMG - 4706

Enchanted with beautiful tile picture and shiny mirror ♥

Wakamatsuyu founded in 1955 (Showa 30) year.
At first it was made of wood, and the entrance was on the opposite side. Because there was a highway there at that time, it was the center of traffic.
In 1980 (Showa 55) we rebuilt the current building and the lobby is rather narrow, it seems to be a remnant that changed the counter to a counter in that case.
On the counter is the display of "Advantage of Point Cards".
It is unusual for public baths,The local people have a sense of feeling!



It comes to jump into eyes as soon as entering the female bathroom,Beautiful flower garden tile picture​ ​
A landscape painted with a combination of irregularly colored tiles like a mosaic picture looks like a fairy tale world.
By the way, in men's bathCastles in EuropeIt seems to be drawn!
This tile painting drawn at the time of rebuilding seems to be a rare formulation at that time, both of which are rich in color that I can not imagine being made nearly 40 years ago.
Also on the walls of the washroom with currants, delicate relief flowers of baked tiles are blossomingly blooming.

And, most importantly,mirror​ ​​ ​
Although the mirror in the water field is mostly cloudy, it is refreshingly shiny! It is!
Since Mr. Yamada exchanged the mirror when he succeeded to the second generation, he said that he carefully maintained every day.
No matter how tired you are at the end of the day it seems that water wiping is indispensable, and we use 6 to 7 towels with a dry wipe of finish.
I came to interview for so much beautyStaff of TV TOKYO program "Japanese style total head home"Also impressed.
Although I visited to take a picture of "workers working at midnight""On the air, the" shining mirror "is the protagonistIt seems that it was!


Cream your skin! The secret of hot water for girls! Is it?

When I wash my body while watching beautiful flowers,Feeling of the skin​ ​
Something like a little nullurling ... ....?
A mysterious feeling that makes me feel like I still have soap even though I blew the foam.
How this is,The feel of soft waterIs it!
It is said that Mr. Yamada took the opportunity to establish its touchApparatus for removing calcium, magnesium and the like from water​ ​
This seems that it seems that water particles are finer (the friction is reduced) and it is feeling null null.
However, if it removes too much it will slip on the floor, so it will be difficult to moderate, so I tried a lot of trial and error.
The advantage of soft water is "My face does not cling to a hot water lily"about. MoreoverI do not wash my hair!
It is enough to think that you do not need a lotion or treatment!

As I enter the skin every day, my skin becomes slippery,Your skin is beautifulIt is said, "Mr. Yamada.
If you let me touch your knees with half-trust, ... ....Really Tsuruturu​ ​​ ​
Young people in the third year of bite seems to be envious of her beautiful skin, so it seems to be wrong.
Also from men, "Razor (razor) does not hurt so it lasts long" and "Shaving trace is different" is popular.
It is also convinced that regulars who will become habits will be continuing!
On the contrary, some people dislike null null feeling, and they do not know if they do not try or not to taste them.
As well as feeling "Because hot water is soft, I am soaked slowly and it will be warmed a lot," Yamada.
In the backThere is rock bath of chemical bathSo healing effect is outstanding! It is!





Points of use
● Lobby type
● Hand-held OK
【Amenity pleasing to women, it is complete! 】
● Face care set (150 yen) = ZIRA makeup remover, cleansing lotion, lotion, emulsion set
● Equipped with women's bath only =
Shampoo and conditioner. Brand name is ZIRA, aromador (tea fragrance), LUX, TSUBAKI (Wednesday only), makeup remover available

<Lending out at the counter>
● Towel =Face towel free, bath towel 50 yen (It is a pleasant experience that gender is separated)
<Building a bathroom>
● rinse in shampoo (men), body soap (both men and women),
● The temperature of the hot water= 41.8 ℃ (slightly lower in the summer)
Type of bath =Jet, vibrator, mist, water, chemicals, sauna (200 yen with bath towel)
Dressing room =Dryer (3 minutes 20 yen), swab


■ Address: 2-19-11 Chuomoto-cho
■ Phone number: 03-3886-5230
■ Business hours: 3 pm - midnight
■ Closed holiday: Friday
■ Transportation: Tobu Line "Goteno Station" 6 minutes on foot, 3 parking lots

Senda knowledge

The bathing fee of the public bath is decided by each prefecture. Tokyo is an adult 460 yen. In general, it is an adult rate from elementary school students, but in Adachi-ku, in September Heisei 28, junior high school students and high school students were cut down to 300 yen. It seems that price cuts for high school students are rare in the whole country.

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