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"Recommendation of Adachi sento" the 2nd King of Garden · Senju "Takara-yu"

  • March 17, 2017
  • January 25, 2022

Add that on July 3, 2017
The bathrooms for Men and Women will change every Wednesday from June 2017!
Women can also enjoy the beautiful garden where only men have ever seen♪
Be sure to come to Takara-yu to enjoy not only hot water but also beautiful scenery!

Nishikigoi or varicolored carps swimming in the pond and the Japanese garden rich in greenery every season please the eyes after a bath.

Takara-yu is called "King of gardens" or "King of Engawa or a Japanese-style loggia"​ ​where Sento fans visit from all over the country.​ ​​ ​
It is used for photographing NHK - BS premium 's Adachi - ku drama' Senju Crazy Boys', and Takashi Tsukamoto and Shohei Koike are also bathing baths.

IMG - 4315Takara-yu was set back from the current location when it was built in 1927, and then reopened at the present place in 1938.​ ​
Ever since, the appearance of the building seems to be almost unchanged, and it has the imposing appearance like a temple since it was built 80 years ago.​ ​​ ​Building of about 80 years style​ ​
The fine sculpture of the Seven Luck Gods above the entrance also makes us feel history.

IMG - 4305

IMG - 4302

"Forget about it, come in!"And the only thing that invites me kindly and gently is the entrance on the right side of the entranceSquare wooden board written "Wa"​ ​

What is the cryptic code, "Wow board" was "I said".
In other words"Yu-ga-waita" means the bath is ready.​ ​So, it is the sign of "Open"Is it a sign of?
On the back is written "Nu""Yu-wo-nuita" means empty a bath meaning "Closed"It is cool.


By the way it's located on the upper left corner of the eavesA bow and arrowWas listed on the roof during the Edo eraA landmark of a public bathReproduced.
"Bow shoot (Yumiuru)""Yuu Yuru"It seems to be a pun for a while.

Going through Noren or a curtain and come inside after putting the shoes in the locker, you see chairs and the bookshelf lined up comics in a cozy small lobby.
Inside the warm atmosphere like a living room,Japanese gardenYou can see it as chirality.

IMG - 4321


Beyond the glass door there is a small terrace with a table set, and in the summerPerfect for cooling to a bunge​ ​​ ​

However, this is just a part of the garden.
Actually, the whole picture of the garden can only be seen from men's bath.

But do not mourn over girls either.
To that extent, in the femininityBenefits not found in men's bathThere is.

And further, one day a week,Plan to exchange male and female hot waterThere are also there. Expect great.

First,Husband · Mr. Koichi MatsumotoI asked, TakaraRecommended pointsIntroduction.
"I am keen to keep it clean"The dressing room and the bathroom are very clean and comfortable to use.

AndMost importantly, "hot water is the most important thing"Mr. Matsumoto.

It is a traditional way to boil well water with firewood (gas on a missing day), regulars alsoAlign your mouth with "hot water is nice"It is reputed hot water.
We often say that hot water boiled with firewood is soft, but according to Mr. Matsumoto "Hard to cool downis not it. How the temperature decreasesIt is completely different.That seems to be.

And, anyhow,Water quality​ ​

Takara-yu well well waterWater quality is better than tap water, There is no need for chlorine,Previously used for drinking waterAnd.
It is designated as a disaster prevention cooperation well, and also from using it also for Nishikigoi pondsafetyIt is understood.


By the way, Nishikigoi is difficult to keep, Mr. Matsumoto studies how to rearage.
With care and raising, inside60 yearsEven what is alive.
It seems that the garden keeps it with the neighbors on a daily basis, and it is a gentle smile that talks "It is serious,A love for a public bathIs put in.

Well, as soon as entering the dressing room, a high ceiling makes you feel a sense of release.

IMG - 4375

Again,One of the real thrill of the public bath​ ​

Takara-yu has the same coffered ceiling that is common in temples, so you feel a retro atmosphere.

And hereBenefits of female bath, part 1. Dressing room and bathroom, men's bath1/5 timesAlso wide!
It was changed comfortably, in one cornerMini gardenThere will also be healed.

And another oneExtreme female hot privilege​ ​
In the right back of the bathroom,Free Mini SaunaThere is.

It is for Finnish-style 2 to 3 people, it can be used from 17:30.
When I thoroughly sweat and detox, I sweat with Kake - hot water to a bathtub.

The bathtub has a vibrator (bubble bath), so you can ease stiffness in your shoulders and lower back by them.Sitting bath,Electric bath, DailyHerbal bath(Herbal bath at the end of the month), high thermal effectgermaniumofFour​ ​
At the time of opening, there were 8 bath tubs for men and women in all.[Hachi-Furo Onsen]It seems that it was crowded as.

Bathroom for women IMG_4348

Bathroom for women IMG_4354

On top of the bathtub, Mt. FujiTateyama mountain range of ToyamaandHokuriku ShinkansenPowerfulPaint picture​ ​

17-03 Takara-yu Painting Event

This is the tourism PR event of Toyama City in February this year, the oldestSento painter - Kiyohito Maruyama(81) andDr. Sento, Shinobu MachidaWhat made the work open to the public and drawn up.
You can taste a little traveling.

Takarayu_cat 2

Idol in Takara-yu,Signboard cat Bobby-kunThere is also. If you are lucky, you might be able to meet a plentiful healing yu.

Points of use
● Pay a fee at the counter in the lobby and go inside.
· IC card (Suica, PASMO) is also available.
● It is also all right to come empty-handed.
· Bath set 100 yen (Towel, KOSE-brand two-in-one Shampoo and Body Soap)
· Nylon fresher (body towel) are sold at 160 yen for small, 400 yen for large.
· Two-in-one shampoo and body soap are also kept in the bathroom.
· Hair dryer: 20 yen (per 3 min.)
● The temperature of hot water is slightly hot, 42 ℃.

​ ​

■ 27-1 Senju-Motomachi Adachi
■ 15:30 ~ 23:30
■ Closed Friday
■ Fee
▽ Adults: 460 yen
▽ Junior and senior school students: 300 yen
Elementary school students: 180 yen ( aged 6 to under 12)
Infants: 80 yen (under 6 years)
■ 20 min. walk from Kita-Senju Station of JR Joban Line, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line, Tobu Skytree Line or Tsukuba Express / or 5 min. walk from Senju-Sakuragicho bus stop

◇ ◆ Interesting facts of public bath ◆ ◇

Most people who became a first owner of a public bath, were from Toyama, Ishikawa and Niigata prefecture.

The painting PR event in Toyama is also associated with that.
Because in these three prefectures, there were many seasonal workers who worked away from home at that time, and as they succeeded in Tokyo or Osaka, they had their relatives come and helped them to set up another one with the same name.

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