The City of Belmont and Adachi City Exchange activity

The student exchange program, which began in 1986, has enabled students to visit government primary and middle schools, experience homestays, learn about foreign cultures and cultivate friendships trancending borders.

Here is an introduction to the activities of the 2008 Adachi citizens' exchange tour to Belmont and the Belmont student delegation on their visit to Adachi.

■Adachi citizens'exchange tour

What kind of activities did the Adachi citizens' exchange tour take part in?

Let's look at last last year's tour schedule (August 6 - 13, 2008) to find out.

The delegation was divided into 2 groups, one consisting of general participants and the other of students. Each engaged in their own activities.

The students participated in programs planned by the City of Belmont.

They visited schools, toured Perth, Fremantle and Adachi Park, stayed with host families and enjoyed attending a camp.

General participants were invited to an international exchange parties and toured Belmont as well as Perth. Unlike the students, they had more free time.

■ City of Belmont student delegation to Adachi

Students visiting Adachi stay with local host families and learn about Japanese culture as they conducted conduct exchanges with citizens.

In 2009, the City of Belmont student delegation visited Adachi for 8 days from January 12 to 19.

Let's look at their schedule of events.

The students attended an international exchange party, visited Adachi's primary schools, and went on an excursion to Uonuma, with which Adachi has friendship city relations, to find out about life in a region with heavy snowfall. They also tried dressing up in kimonos, enjoyed a tea ceremony and other Japanese cultural experiences.

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