Belmont city student mission association

■ 2008 Belmont student delegation to Adachi Schedule

Day 1 January 12 (Mon)
Belmont delegation arrivals at Narita Airport
Visit to Uonuma city (overnight excursion to experience Japan's snow country)

Day 2 January 13 (Tues)
After lunch: Depart Uonuma
Early evening: Welcome party at Adachi City Office

Day 3 January 14 (Wed)
Visit Belmont Park, Chitose Primary School to observe lessons and school lunch
10:00 Chitose Primary School, observe lessons and school lunch
Visit Adachi Waste Incineration Plant

Day 4 January 15 (Thur)
All day: theme park

Day 5 January 16 (Fri)
Try on kimonos at Hanabatake Local Education Center
Attend tea ceremony at Ouka-tei
Early evening: Farewell party at Adachi City Office

Day 6, 7 January 17 (Sat), 18 (Sun)
All visit host families

Day 8 January 19 (Mon)
Tour Asakusa, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower
Evening: Depart Narita Airport, arrive at Perth airport (next morning)

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