Belmont city and Adachi ward exchange activity The City of Belmont and Adachi City Exchange activity

Mutual dispatch of delegation that began in 1986. Dispatched students have experienced different cultures through national public and junior high school visits, homestay, etc., and nurtured friendship across countries.
Here, we will introduce the situation of 'Belmont city interchange experience tour' and 'Belmont city student mission group visiting district' held last year (2008).

■ Belmont city interchange experience tour

What kind of things do you actually do in 'Belmont city interchange experience tour'?
Let's look at the last year's tour organized in 8 days from August 6 (Wednesday), August 13 (Wednesday) in 2008 with the schedule.
Basically there is a general frame and a student frame, each with different contents.
Students participated in the projects planned by the city of Belmont and visited schools, visited Perth city, Fremantle, Adachi Park, etc, Homestay experiences, camping and so on.
The general public mainly focuses on tourism in Perth city of Belmont, except for participation in citizen exchange party. The big difference with the students is where there is time for free action.

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■ Belmont city student mission association

Belmont's student mission team will stay homestay in the family within the district while staying and deepen interaction with the citizens while experiencing Japanese culture.
In 2009, a student mission in Belmont City came to visit for 8 days from Monday, January 12th to January 19th (Monday).
Let's go with the schedule.
In addition to exchanging parties, visits to elementary schools in Adachi-ku, experiencing snow in Uonuma City, a friendly city, experiencing Japanese culture such as kimono dressing and tea ceremony.

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