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The City of Belmont is located approximately 3000 km west of Australia's capital Canberra, and 5.6 km southeast of the central business district of the capital of Western Australia. A 10 hour flight from Narita's Tokyo International Airport will take you directly to Perth International Airport, where you will find Adachi's sister city, the City of Belmont. Belgium is 1 hour behind Tokyo and 2 hours behind Canberra and Sydney.

Geographical area

The area of ​​the City of Belmont is 40 km2, which is three quarters the size of Adachi. It is comprised of 6 suburbs: Cloverdale (location of Belmont Council Offices) Rivervale, Belmont, Redcliffe, Kewdale, Ascot.


The population of the city of Belmont is 33,416 (2009), which is one twentieth the size of Adachi. The City is home to 1 government high school and 10 government primary schools.

The City of Belmont crest and logo hold various meanings, symbolizing hope.


Crest of the City of Belmont

The colors in the crest symbolize the following:
green >> Belmont's parks
blue >> Swan River
silver >> wide open sky

The design symbolizes the following:
kiln and chimney >> brick industry from Belmont's early history
cogwheel >> industry
double wing >> Perth International Airport
horse racing >> major industry, place of origin in Western Australia
swan necklace >> administration in Western Australia
stone crown >> council office
black swan >> symbol of Western Australia


Logo of the City of Belmont

After a serious decline in population, this logo was created in 1996 as part of an effort to make Belmont more attractive to the younger generation - the citizens of the inscription 21st century.

The bright blue background joy and hope, as well as the swan River. The sun, moon and stars symbolize opportunity, and the Expressed here is the idea that opportunity should be given to all who seek it.

This logo was designed as an inspiration for the community, a friendly symbol that embodies the opportunity presented to Belmont citizens.



Climate (Perth Area)

Australia is in the southern hemisphere, which means the seasons are opposite to that of Japan, but because it is a large continent the weather varies greatly from region to region.
The Belmont area enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and relatively wet winters. During the winter, the temperature only drops to about 4-5 ℃ on cold nights, so it does not snow. In spring, the wild flowers are in bloom, and are at their most beautiful in October. The summers are different from Japan. It is dry and not as humid but the sun is very strong, with temperatures reaching 40 ° C. Compared to the hot and muggy nights in Tokyo, however, the evenings are very comfortable.


Belmont boasts many parks full of nature. Here are some of the best known parks.

<Tomato Lake>

The largest park in the city

In this park, there are walking courses and birdwatching spots that are enjoyable for all. Plenty of open space allow visitors, old and young alike, to take part in activities such as footbal and cricket.

<Faulkner Park>

A picture perfect spot

There is a lake that is home to black swans, and a bridge over the water which is the perfect spot for a photograph. A favorite with families is the play area with a volcano theme. The park is also popular venue for weddings.

<Forster Park>

Fit for all sports activities

Facilities for baseball, Australian football and other sports can be found here. There is also a reception hall in the park where parties have been held for visiting delegations from Adachi.

<Adachi Park>

The Ascott and the river city

Adachi Park opened in August 2008 in an area along the river and highway to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the City's sister A city plant with ceremony was also held. ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

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