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Significant renewal this year.
It appeared tree of full-color LED on the front of the station Takenotsuka Tobu Sky Tree line! !
From Takenotsuka Station to Motofuchi Jiang park of the main hall you can enjoy the Zelkova trees of 220,000 balls champagne gold masterpiece. To represent the "Adachi of the Four Seasons" in colorful bright light in the main venue. Lined up eight of the rare 20m more than in the country you can see the tree that illuminations in natural wood.

Holding period 2016 November 26 (Saturday) to December 25 days until (Sunday)
※ street trees from Takenotsuka Station is 2017 January 10, until (Tuesday)
Lighting time 5:00 pm pm to 10 pm (however Motofuchi Jiang in the park until 9 pm)
Venue (1) Motofuchi Kokoen (main venue: Hokima chome 17th No. 1)
(2) Tobu Sky Tree line Takenotsuka Station
(3) (1) (2) connecting the two venues, 1.2km of roadside tree (Takenotsuka zelkova boulevard)
traffic Motofuchi Jiang park venue, Tobu Sky Tree line Takenotsuka station get off walk 20 minutes
Map to the venue map
Event held 1) light of the festival pre-event
2016 November 19 (Saturday) until 10 am to 3 pm morning
Location: Takenotsuka station the third floor (ticket gate floor)

2) lighting ceremony and mini stage
2016 November 26 (Saturday) 4:30 pm -
Location: Takenotsuka Station East Exit

3) stage show
2016 December 10 (Saturday), up to 11 days (day): 00-18: 00 11

4) Bussan Exhibition booths
2016 December 10 (Saturday), to 11 (Sunday) morning 8:00 am to 11 pm
Caution There is no parking at the venue and the surrounding. Please refrain from coming by car.
Please use public transportation during your visit.
Please use the parking lot in the Motofuchi Jiang park person you come by bicycle.
Sponsorship General Foundation Adachi Tourism Exchange Association Adachi-ku,
Contact​ ​ Adachi City Tourism and Exchange Association
Yubinbango120-8510 Adachi-ku Chuohon cho 1-17-1 (Adachi Ward South Building 4th floor)
Telephone 3880-5853 FAX 3880-5769

(Related information)
Celebration cooperation event of light "Illumination San Ayase"

Event held 2016 December 17 (Saturday) 9:30 am to 6:00 pm 10 (planned)
Lighting period 2016 December 17 (Saturday) to 25 (Sunday) 4:00 pm pm to 10 pm (planned)
Place: Metropolitan Higashiayase park (aka pigeon park: Ayase Third Street address 10)

Venue: Motofuchi Kokoen
(Hokima chome 17th No. 1)